Dental Aligners: Why They are Important and How do They Work?

Dental Aligners: Why They are Important and How do They Work?

Sometimes we have misaligned teeth, and teeth aligners offer an easy way to provide strength and simultaneously straighten your teeth. Dental aligners give you the confidence to smile without any inhibitions. Sometimes your teeth do not grow proportionately due to certain conditions in your mouth or due to ill health. Misaligned teeth can be a cause of embarrassment and depression. Given the increasing medical advancements, there is a solution for every problem. Dental Aligners can help to treat all cases concerning your teeth. Thanks to technological advances, you can now have discreet, invisible braces to straighten your teeth.

How do Dental Aligners work?

Dental Aligners are invisible, and they are tight fitting that envelops your teeth. These are an alternative solution to those metal braces that have been traditionally worn. Because of their transparency, they are not noticeable and achieve the same positive results as traditional metal braces. The primary uses for these aligners are to correct the alignment of the teeth, adjust to reduce spaces between teeth, treat bite issues and improve the quality of your smile and your confidence. Most of these aligners are created with molds which are made from digital scans of the teeth. The molds create the figures so the aligners fit correctly onto your teeth. Most doctors prescribed a set for no more than one or two weeks. Most patients have to wear these aligners for more than 20 hours a day so that it helps the teeth to adjust to the new space and align it according to the shape provided by the aligner.

Benefits of invisible dental aligners and braces

Benefits of invisible dental aligners and braces

Dental aligners are a great way to reduce oral problems due to improper alignment of the teeth. Here are some of its benefits.

  1. Alignment – The most important benefit of a dental aligner and invisible braces is that they align your teeth to give you that perfect smile. They increase your confidence by reducing the spaces or adjusting the spaces between your teeth so that they take on some proportionality.

  2. Appearance – The aligners are invisible, so they do not affect your appearance. People will not notice them as much as traditional metal braces. These aligners/braces are custom-made to fit like an envelope on your teeth.

  3. Hygiene – When aligners are removable, you can brush them and keep them aside. You can floss your teeth as you usually do, while braces require extra care. Braces are not removable, so they need extra care. However, braces can be more effective since you must wear them for as long as the doctor prescribes.

  4. Comfort – Since aligners are custom-made, they are comfortable and can be changed according to your tooth alignment.

  5. Improvement in eating – Oral hygienist has also stated that your appetite and digestive system work well when you chew your food properly and have good oral hygiene. Improving your bite is essential to reduce indigestion and other stomach-related issues. Invisible braces or dental aligners can help improve how you chew your food by addressing “malocclusion.” This term describes the misalignment of teeth that can lead to tooth decay. Braces or aligners can address these issues by aligning the teeth with the jawbone so they can function properly.

  6. Gum health – Misaligned teeth can increase diseases concerning your gums. Suddenly, your gums might start bleeding due to gingivitis. You might suffer from bad breath and receding gum. Dental aligners can help you regulate your oral health issues.


Practice good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth regularly. If you have misaligned teeth that are causing you embarrassment, visit your dentist today and get those aligners. A healthy and perfect smile will make you a confident person.