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Dental Implants Helps You Maintain That Beautiful Grin and Live a Fantastic Life!

Having missing teeth isn’t just humiliating, it is also a fact that your mouth might get disintegrated if left untreated. Dental implants enable you to look appropriate and can rest easy on your jawline, recover your confidence, and have a superior personal satisfaction. They have been utilized to supplant missing/fractured teeth and they’re presently the standard of choice for having a great appearance. Dental implants are created from bio-compatible titanium metal which seamlessly integrates with the underlying bone and act as a foundation for an artificial tooth or permanent bridge or complete denture. Your smile should endure forever and with dental implants it will. Supplanting missing tooth is essential to maintain your oral and overall well-being.

At Dental Panache, we love accepting challenging cases of low sinus lining, less bone density, inadequate space etc. Our experienced specialists follow international standards of sterilization, asepsis, methodology and techniques. The markets are flooded with numerous implant companies today, but we only offer you the BEST after evaluating the case. We give lifelong warranty with Nobel BioCare Implants. Combined with our highly competitive prices, we deliver the best level of service and quality.

Dental Panache team takes immense pride in introducing DIGITAL IMPLANT NAVIGATION SYSTEM:


  • Guided Implant Surgery following 3D computer simulation of CBCT Scans and construction of surgical templates
  • Precise holes on template guides the implant to exact position and depth planned digitally avoiding important anatomical structures
  • Quick Painless Predictable procedure with minimal post operative pain and swelling
  • Minimal bleeding
  • Stitch-less procedure as gum flaps/ incisions are not needed thereby reducing healing time
  • Marginally expensive than conventional implant systems


Single/Multiple Dental Implants

Single/ multiple missing teeth should be restored with Dental implants therapeutic method to create incredible outcomes. Implants avoid bone loss that regularly happens underneath missing teeth. By protecting bone, the steadiness of contiguous, characteristic teeth is kept intact, according to the size and state of your jaw. Patients can’t ordinarily differentiate between a natural tooth and a tooth upheld by a dental implant. Dental implant crown/ bridge fill the hole left by your missing teeth and avoid bacterial collection that could prompt contamination and gum sickness. Multiple missing teeth in different areas can be treated with the help of multiple single implants while neighbouring missing teeth can be restored with a bridge over few dental implants.



The basic idea is to restore 12 or more missing teeth in one jaw with minimal number of implants placed in designated locations at particular angulations for maximum stability of the final fixed/removable denture.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

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You will no longer hate going to a dentist. Good doctor

Prateek Jain

- January 10, 2019

It really was a nice experience and dr is very soft spoken and explains every problem very nicely… definitely recommended

Mehul Chhabra

- January 18, 2019

Wonderful experience !! Very sincere and friendly doctor. She follows up well with her patients in the course of treatment which is very rare to find. I would definitely recommend others to visit her for any dental issue.

Gandharvi Tandon

- October 12, 2019