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Emergency Dentist

Looking for an Emergency Dentist?

Emergency dental care is helpful and is rendered when a dental fiasco strikes unannounced. In such conditions, choosing emergency dentist near me at Dental Panache can be helpful. This will probably re-establish the oral well-being and rejuvenate our health.

How can Emergency dentist at our clinic help?

ur goal is to help you in the best possible way for any dental emergency that you encounter any day, any time. Feel free to contact our office as soon as possible and we are always equipped and ready to help you with emergency dental services. Severe tooth ache, a knocked-out tooth, jaw lock or bitten tongue, acute attack of third molar pain can cause panic, but quick thinking and staying calm are the best ways to approach such common emergency dental services. We would like to give you insight about the usually suspected crisis situation.

Unbearable Tooth Ache:
  • Tooth ache typically increases in lying down position due to increase in pulpal pressure causing distress at night. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water to remove any food lodged in the teeth.
  • Use cold compress from outside the mouth if there is swelling
  • Clove oil definitely helps in relieving pain
  • Take pain killers but in severe cases, intramuscular injection of pain killers is needed to alleviate the pain
  • Visit the dental office as soon as possible. Usually such cases typically need root canal treatment and fractured or impacted tooth may need extraction.
Knocked Out Tooth
  • Handle the tooth CAREFULLY by the crown and avoid touching the root.
  • If the tooth has dirt on it, hold it by the crown portion and rinse it with milk or water. Do not remove any tissue attached on the tooth. Make sure you do not rub or otherwise dry the tooth after rinsing to avoid extra damage.
  • Keep the tooth moist by either soaking it in milk or holding it in the saliva of your mouth between your cheek and gums.
  • Visit us at Dental Panache as soon as possible. Your best chance at re-implantation is within an hour of the injury.
Dislodged Dental Restoration
  • Temporary or permanent fillings can be lost while eating hard or sticky food. Visit our office soon and get it replaced.
  • Dislodged crowns should be preserved safely as an intact crown can be easily cemented back in place. Fractured crowns may need replacement.
  • If you spot a small boil/pimple on your gum with or without discharge, alert your dentist immediately.
  • It is a sign of underlying infection which may spread if left untreated.
Providing a satisfactory service

As mentioned earlier, in dental emergency, we are constantly evolving our strategies to meet your health goals. That way, when a major circumstance emerges, we are adept in dealing with it at a fast pace and with accuracy. Our mission is to spread soulful smiles via providing you the best emergency dental services.

How we can help…

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