Invisible Braces and Aligners

We take immense pride in our SPEED DENTISTRY even in orthodontic cases. Irrespective of your age and time constraints, we offer the best invisible braces in Gurgaon to correct your alignment issues. While cosmetic dentistry fixes the teeth visible during smiling, orthodontics as a dental specialty aims to prevent, diagnose and correct facial and dental irregularities. There are many debilitating problems due to crooked teeth like difficulty in brushing/flossing, gum swelling, bad breath, speech defects and chewing inefficiency.

We highly recommend parents to get their kids check-up done at an early age to ensure the best possible treatment plan for their brighter smiling future. Your kids may be young now to understand the importance of their teeth, but your emphasis and supervision TODAY will avert the frustration they will face once they grow up with ugly teeth. Let’s boost your child’s confidence and your PEACE of mind! Teeth alignment can be corrected at any age group with the following treatment modalities:

Metal/Ceramic Braces

Cross bites, open bites, deep bites, crooked or crowded teeth are common misalignment issues of teeth which can be corrected by moving the teeth with controlled pressure to the desired position using braces. The treatment duration of braces in Gurgaon varies with the complexity of the case and may range from 1-3 years. Advancements in technology and best orthodontist in Gurgaon have resulted in orthodontic materials that are lighter, smaller, sleeker and simpler with better precision and efficiency. Orthodontic brackets can be made of metal or ceramic. Usually, adults opt for ceramic/clear braces to decrease the visibility of prominent metal braces.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are custom made brackets and intelligent wires fixed on the back of the teeth making them invisible from the front. Invisible braces in Gurgaon are engineered to deliver the targeted results your smile deserves. No matter where your teeth start, they’ll end up beautifully straight. However, it is time consuming with longer appointments, expensive and initially uncomfortable.

Clear Aligners/Misaligned

We know smiling increases your face value and we can help you attain your desired smile without social inhibitions. The newest in the block is CLEAR ALIGNERS, invisible braces in Gurgaon, the hidden way to straighten your teeth without traditional braces. It uses a series of custom-made clear medical grade plastic aligners fabricated with our expertise and 3D computer imaging software. The treatment consists of set of plastic trays which needs to be changed every 2 weeks and with each replacement, you can virtually visualize the minor tooth movements and monitor your own progress. The frequency of visits to the dental office for the treatment of invisible braces in Gurgaon is only once in 4-6 weeks to monitor the progress which is much less in comparison to conventional treatment. They are removable for eating and drinking, for important photo moments, such as weddings and graduations. Proper case selection and treatment planning are paramount for desirable results. Total treatment time averages 10-30 months and the average number of aligners during treatment is between 8-30 depending on the case.


After the orthodontist has realigned the teeth, a RETAINER is mandatory to prevent the teeth to move back towards their original positions. Some amount of relapse is inevitable, but retainers are generally worn until the underlying bone has reformed into the correct tooth position. Some retainers are removable while others are bonded on the underside of teeth.

Our expert dentist believes that our patients deserve to gain from the most recent advances in technology. At Dental Panache, all Dentists have the maximum level of training and wonderful experience. Our ORTHODONTIST, GOLD MEDALIST FROM MAULANA AZAD INSTITUTE OF DENTAL SCIENCES, is renowned for giving best possible results in minimum time periods.

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