Understanding the Purpose, Treatment, and Risks Associated with Root Canal

Understanding the Purpose, Treatment, and Risks Associated with Root Canal

Did you know that 41,000 root canal treatments are being performed every day, and 25 of them are performed every week by an endodontist? The success rate in India ranges from 86% to 98%. However, it is wise to pay attention to the failure rate as well, which is almost 20%, due to several cases related to inappropriate working techniques and the use of materials. The soft pulp-filled middle of the tooth is removed using a dental technique called a root canal. Numerous nerves, tissues, and blood arteries in the pulp support the tooth’s growth and development. In most cases, local anesthesia is given to the patient to perform the procedure for the root canal, which is associated with several potential risks.

When do we Need the Root Canal Procedure?

When do we Need the Root Canal Procedure?
A root canal treatment is required when the soft portion of the pulp has decayed or is injured or infected. Removing the decaying or injured pulp is critical to ensure the infection does not spread to other areas. Removing the pulp is also an excellent way to ensure that the tooth grows properly and is saved.

Causes of damage to the pulp

The condition known as Pulpitis occurs when the tissue in your mouth is inflamed. Many reasons might cause the inflammation –

  1. Bacteria – Different bacteria may enter your tooth through a cavity and cause infection.

  2. Cavities – This is one of the most frequent causes of pulpitis caused by a bacteria that produces acid, which can eat away the enamel and create holes in your teeth.

  3. Accidents – Any trauma, road traffic accident, fall, or even biting on something hard may fracture your tooth and demand root canal treatment.

  4. Procedures – Sometimes, RCT is done voluntarily on teeth before performing other procedures like crowns and bridges.

A procedure for a root canal is always advised to save the tooth in such extreme cases. The symptoms associated may be intense pain and swelling, which may affect the overall health conditions.


Getting the Best Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon is essential to help your teeth heal from the trauma. Some of the best ways a dentist can diagnose concussion to the teeth are by checking the sensitivity.

  1. Testing – A Dentist usually checks if the pulp is still functioning by conducting electrical testing. The testing will stimulate your nerves, and you will feel the sensation, which means it is still alive.

  2. Applying heat/cold – The other way to check sensitivity is by using heat or cold; if you do not feel the sensations, the pulp is dead.

  3. Tapping/ sweet stimuli – Tapping the tooth gently or even giving a person a sweet can help a doctor understand if the pulp is still alive and whether there is a presence of sensitivity.

There are mainly two kinds of pulpitis which are reversible and irreversible. For the first, once the stimulus is removed, the pain subsides, while for the second, a lingering pain may develop into an infection.

Where Can I Get the Best Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon?

It is always essential to research any health clinic you might visit to get the best root canal treatment. A procedure for a root canal has several different steps, which include :

  • Regulating anesthesia to the tooth using a needle.
  • Navigating within the tooth using small instruments and clearing the harm done to the tooth.
  • Providing a permanent filling and a metal-free crown for the rebuilding process.

A root canal can be performed without much effort if the clinician is an Endodontist. However, damage to the tooth can be caused if the enamel is too frail. It is, therefore, crucial for everyone to get a proper diagnosis before going ahead with the root canal treatment. Visit the nearest clinic specializing in this kind of treatment to get a professional opinion. Get the best root canal treatment in Gurgaon from Dental Panache. They provide some of the best doctors who can help you to understand your needs by providing a thorough diagnosis. They also have a wide range of procedures and other services, making getting help at the right time easier.


Dental health is critical to living a satisfying life. Getting a root canal involves an investment of time and money. Therefore, you must contact the best value for treatment. Visit Dental Panache today and get a diagnosis that will help you take the next step.