Understanding the Importance of Dental Implants for Reconstruction.

Understanding the Importance of Dental Implants for Reconstruction.

The dental implant market in the United States will grow by 10.2% between 2023 and 2030. Considering the global demand for dental implants, the market size is valued at 4.6 billion USD, which will increase in the coming years.

The World Health Organization has provided data showing that nearly ten million people are injured or disabled by accidents or other calamities yearly. Dental implants are a way to improve the health and livelihood of patients by providing long-term replacements and preserving the rest of the teeth. It is a restorative procedure that can help regain the quality of life lost due to accidents or other disasters. According to medical professionals, it is the only restorative technique that stimulates the natural bone and supports the rest of the teeth.

Dental Implant for Reconstruction

Dental implant reconstruction is becoming a popular way to restore your teeth’ health and preserve their quality. It is a restorative procedure that can help patients with missing or damaged teeth. These provide several health benefits related to better chewing, biting, and digestion of food. The implants also help restore your smile and gain the confidence to lead a happy and engaging life.

The doctor will mainly insert an implant designed before the surgery to fit the patient’s jawbone. The implant will restore the whole bone structure’s functionality and the teeth lost due to accidents or decay. Dental implants are not a recent innovation but have been used by doctors for almost 2 decades. However, with new technology, advances have made reconstructive surgery a popular option for patients.

Some recent advances in Dental Implants

With the advancement in technological products, there have been several innovations and the sector of the dental implant. According to Harvard Health, the implants have become smaller in size, and also high-tech placements are being utilized. This means more and more patients can go in for dental implants for any kind of issue. Different materials, such as metallic biomaterials, strengthen and repair damaged bone tissues. In addition, titanium implants have also been used successfully as they contribute to the long-term sustainability of blood cells. Additionally, antibacterial functions and other safety parameters are being researched to increase the quality of the implants. Surface modifications of implants have made it possible to align living bone with the prosthetic implant, enhancing stability and long-term success.

Where do you get dental implants?

Where do you get dental implants

India’s dental implant market is valued at 129.4 million USD and is expected to grow in the following years by 12.6%.

There is a high occurrence of dental cavities and cancer in India and a deficient dental health awareness. However, there is an increasing initiative to provide access to dental practices and services to everyone in India. According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India, dental care affects 60% of the population. Visiting a dental professional for oral health checkups is necessary every six months.

People are apprehensive about going to the dentist as they are also worried about the costs. For instance, Dental implant cost in Gurgaon depends on the material used and the kind of implants. However, patients should understand that the price of a dental implant is more of an investment as it provides longevity, comfort, and restorative functions necessary to live a worry-free life. Before comparing the dental implant cost in Gurgaon, understand the importance, procedure, and long-term advantages of getting a dental implant.


Having healthy teeth is necessary not only the aesthetics but also for full physical bodily functionality. Dental implants should be seen as an investment for your future, and it is becoming a necessity due to the increasing cases of decay and other oral diseases. Visit your doctor today and get your procedure done as soon as possible.