Three Most Common Dental Diseases Caused By Tobacco

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Three Most Common Dental Diseases Caused By Tobacco

Almost every one of us is pretty familiar with the popular anti-tobacco campaigns that often appear at the beginning of TV shows and movies. They show how the regular consumption of tobacco damages our entire immune system and causes fatal cardiopulmonary diseases, including lung cancer, emphysema, coughing fits, asthma, and other chronic lung ailments.

However, what does not lure much public attention is how the regular consumption of tobacco can mutilate our overall dental health. In fact, most of the regular tobacco consumers in India are hardly aware of its irredeemable repercussions. They simply don’t realize the long-ranging damages that tobacco does to their mouth, gums, and teeth.

Smoking and chewing tobacco can create dozens of oral diseases. It leads to multiple dental problems, including tooth discoloration, gum diseases, oral infections, tooth loss, tooth decay, and can even cause severe oral cancer.

Do You Know What Stains Your Teeth While Smoking?

A bright smile is an essential key to your personal and professional success. It helps you make an instant connection and leave a lasting positive impression.
Tooth staining or tooth discoloration is one of smokers’ most commonly found dental problems. It happens because of the nicotine and tar that cling to enamel while you smoke any kind of tobacco-based product. Both of these compounds can steal the brightness of your teeth; can make them look darker and yellow within a concise span of time.

Tobacco Causes Gum Disease

Regular tobacco consumption also leads to numerous gum diseases like gingivitis (gum inflammation) or periodontists. It starts with the growth of bacterial plaque within your mouth, swollen bleeding gums, bone loss, and often ends up with consecutive tooth loss, mainly because of the destruction of tissues supporting your teeth.

People addicted to smoking cigarettes, or chewing tobacco leaves are most likely to avoid dental visits. Smoking reduces the oxygen level in your blood vessels, paves the way for intense bacterial infection within the gums, and allows the gum diseases to transform into something worse!

Following are a few consequences of gum disease

  • Gum infection and gum inflammation.
  • Systematic loosening of teeth.
  • Bleeding while brushing your teeth.
  • Foul breath & weakening dental tissues.
  • Accumulation of pus between teeth
  • Extreme pain while chewing and eating
  • Dwindling gum line and Tenderness

Tobacco-causing Oral Cancer

With the exponential growth of tobacco consumption in India, oral or mouth cancer spreads like wildfire in this country. Every year hundreds and thousands of people die of this single disease. And there is no doubt that the habit of smoking or chewing tobacco is indeed at the root cause of this problem.

Some of the typical symptoms of oral cancer are listed as follows

  • Problems in opening mouth and in chewing.
  • Difficulty in speaking or in tongue movement.
  • Bad Breath, Lumpy throat & recurrent bleeding.
  • Suffering Regular ear pain for no reason.
  • White, Red, or mixed patch inside of your cheek.
  • Non-healing mouth infections & long-standing ulcers
  • Numb mouth and hoarseness of voice.
  • Soreness in mouth, swallowing gums.
  • Tooth mobility for no specific & relevant reasons.