Smart Toothbrushes – Your Partner to Teeth Whitening and Oral Health

Smart Toothbrushes – Your Partner to Teeth Whitening and Oral Health

Teeth Whitening involves bleaching the teeth to remove the stains, make them look brighter, and regain their natural color. You can always make it brighter and white than your usual color tone. The process lightens the color of your teeth and reduces all the accumulated stains over the years. Anyone can go for teeth whitening, but it is recommended that a professional dental surgeon should carry out the process. It is mainly for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes, but if you have other complications involved in your oral health, then it is best to get it checked by the doctor. There are many different DIY options to do it yourself in the house.

How to Whiten Your Teeth?

Teeth whitening is not a permanent process and requires the individual to follow a regular regimen to maintain the color of the teeth. You need to brush your teeth two times a day and avoid smoking or taking in any other tobacco which can harm your oral health or affect the color of your teeth. If you need professional help with teeth whitening, you must visit your dentist to understand the best possible solutions. The doctor will check your teeth, see if there are any other issues, and recommend different techniques to maintain oral hygiene.

Teeth whitening also involves taking the impression of your teeth and using a whitening gel that contains a bleaching agent. You will need to follow some oral health practices and sleep with the customized bleaching tray to maintain the color of your teeth. The treatment involves utilizing the bleaching tray for 6-8 hours daily. Some clinics also provide laser treatment where bleaching agents are applied to the teeth, and the laser is shone on them. This will reduce the color shade of your teeth and remove any stains.

Other Options to Maintain Tooth Health

Smart Toothbrushes

Maintaining good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice daily is best recommended. Dentists also recommend smart toothbrushes, which can effectively remove stains than regular brushes. Smart toothbrushes are battery-operated or electrically charged and can remove plaque more effectively than regular toothbrushes. It helps people who do not have the strength and flexibility to brush for more extended periods. These brushes have a lot of other aspects, such as a built-in timer that will ring once you’re two minutes are up and, of course, the moral force that will help to remove stains.

However, smart toothbrushes also have certain demerits as they are more costly than ordinary toothbrushes and require batteries and electric charge to operate. The toothbrush heads need to be replaced occasionally, which may be more expensive. At the same time, toothbrushes with plug-in modes might be difficult to carry while traveling. Nevertheless, to maintain good oral hygiene and remove any stains, it is best:

  • Not to consume tobacco

  • Not to smoke

    Remember to swish your mouth after every meal, brush twice daily and use an alcohol-free mouthwash. While drinking your coffee or tea, use a straw which may reduce the contact of the liquid with your teeth. Flossing as much as possible will reduce the accumulation of bacteria.


Maintain good oral hygiene by making it a point to brush every day. If you have any issues with your tooth, it is best to visit your nearest dental clinic and get an opinion from a doctor. Every person is different, and the best possible solutions are customized for each patient at Dental Panache, keeping their budget and time constraints in mind.