How is Oral Health Important to General Health

How is Oral Health Important to General Health

A healthy body is crucial for your well-being and defines how good you will age. With consistent exercise and proper nutrition, you can have a strong immune system. It increases your alertness, improves your mood, and can help in avoiding chronic health disease. But most people often overlook one key factor that affects your entire health, your oral health. 

Connection between your oral health and overall health:

Your dental health is of utmost importance to your overall physical and psychological well-being. Maintaining your oral health helps improve your social interaction and builds confidence, apart from this it enables nutrition of the physical body. It is no exaggeration to say that your mouth is the window to your overall health, it also acts as an indicator of general health disorders. For example:

  • Pale or bleeding gums are an indicator of blood disorders
  • Having mouth lesions can be early signs of HIV infection
  • A decrease of bone density in the lower jaw could be early indicators of skeletal osteoporosis 
  • Having a change in tooth appearance may be an indicator of eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia
  • Crohn’s disease can result in Aphthous ulcers

Just like every part of a person’s body, bacteria are present in the mouth as well. The majority of the bacteria are harmless and can be kept under control by our body’s natural defenses and by maintaining good oral hygiene. However, without proper care, these bacteria can result in oral infections, like gum disease and tooth decay.

These bacteria can also cause damage to other parts of the body when the immune system is weakened due to diseases or medical treatments such as infective endocarditis. Several periodontal diseases (gum diseases) are also connected with systemic conditions. The treatment for these conditions can also affect oral health and cause symptoms like an altered balance of oral microorganisms and reduced flow of saliva.

Importance of regular health check-ups:

Regularly brushing and flossing your teeth is good oral hygiene practice that everyone must do on a regular basis. Along with that having a dental check-up at regular intervals is important for maintaining optimal oral hygiene. Here are some reasons for booking an appointment with your dentist today.

  • Your dentist can examine and identify problems before they get worse.
  • Oral problems do not always involve toothache. There can be times where serious oral problems may go undetected and later lead to major implications.
  • When having a dental check-up a screening for oral cancer is done, this way dentists can identify early stages of cancer if any.

Since you are now aware of the importance of oral hygiene to your overall health, do not wait, and visit your dentist immediately. If you stay in Gurugram, then you are in luck, with numerous satisfied patients, Dental Panache is considered to be synonymous with the best dental clinic. Book your appointment today!