Home Remedies for Tooth Ache

Home Remedies for Tooth Ache

A pain that gives us a thousand reasons to skip school, college, and work is a toothache. This can be a major reason to consider an emergency dental service. Yes, that’s right! You may feel that a visit to a dentist may not be required; that thought will only be problematic for you. With severe toothache, you will be bound to look for an emergency dentist near me. Dental problems can affect anyone, be it a child, teenager, millennial, or elderly. If nothing has helped you, seeking an urgent visit to the dentist will help. Before that, let us understand a few home remedies that can work miraculously.

Consider these home remedies

  1. Gargle with saltwater: One of the ancient methods of curing toothache without going for an emergency dental service is gargling. It is more effective when you gargle using salt. It is said to help you get any food residue out of your teeth and relieve you of pain. It also works as an essential disinfectant for your teeth.

  2. Clove: A popular spice in India and across various countries, clove, gives the result soon after you keep one inside your mouth for a few minutes. Another way to use it is in the form of oil. Take a few drops of clove oil and rub against the infected or painful area of your tooth. This has helped many from searching for an emergency dentist near me, especially at night.

  3. Turmeric: With its anti-inflammatory property, turmeric is quite effective in providing the relief one wants from an aching tooth. Adding the required amount of turmeric to either water or honey makes the application easier. After the paste is ready, use it in and around the painful area. This comes to the rescue when you have tried almost everything and you need the night to pass before you head for an emergency dental service the next day.

  4. Ginger: One of the easiest methods to get rid of your toothache without relying on an emergency dentist near me is chewing ginger. Does that sound unreal to you? Well, it’s true that ginger can reduce your pain to a great extent. You need to cut a piece of ginger (consider the amount you can chew) and chew it slowly. Let the juice that comes out enters every part of that painful area. Soon, you will feel that the pain has subsided.

  5. Peppermint tea: Are you a tea addict? If not, you may want to get a few bags of peppermint tea. Peppermint has a soothing effect on any pain owing to the presence of menthol in it. It is very easy to use; wet the tea bag in lukewarm water and hold the bag tight against the painful tooth. If your toothache wasn’t a major one, you might not have to find an emergency dentist near me after this.

Toothache is a pain that most suffer, and it is not a pain that has evolved in recent times; these home remedies have always come to the rescue of most. If the pain is unbearable and nothing has helped you to get rid of the pain, you should consider finding the best emergency dental service. Home remedies may or may not work for everyone. A dental visit should be the ultimate resort.


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