Five Common Misconceptions About Root Canal Treatment

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Five Common Misconceptions About Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is one of the commonest dental procedures conducted worldwide. And yet, it remains the most dreaded term in a dental office. The inherent fear usually stems from lot of myths and hearsay sagas about root canal therapy. Always make an informed decision and do not procrastinate dental treatment solely based on secondhand misconceptions. Let’s bust some common misinformation about Root Canal treatment to alleviate your anxiety:

1. MYTH: Root Canal Treatment is painful

FACT: Unfortunately, RCT is synonymous with pain and distress along with horrific stories from friends and family who underwent the treatment ages ago! On the contrary, RCT can be performed smoothly with the same anaesthetic shot which is given during a simple filling appointment. Your dental experience is largely dependent on your dental surgeon and hence, it is always recommended to visit a Root Canal Specialist or Endodontist. Endodontists are specialized in completion of successful RCT using latest techniques and material sciences. Root canal treatment is conducted in a painless manner under local anaesthesia and post-operative discomfort is managed with antibiotics and pain killers.

2. MYTH:  RCT requires multiple visits to dental clinic

FACT: With advancement in technology, every step of root canal treatment has been mechanized and it can safely and effectively be completed in one to two dental appointments lasting 30-60 minutes each.

3. MYTH: Root Canal Treatment is NOT required if there is no PAIN in the tooth

FACT: RCT involves removal of nerve and blood supply of the tooth to eliminate all the microbial load from the infected pulp tissue. RCT is recommended when the inner layer (pulp) is contaminated. While severe pain and/or swelling, especially during lying down position, usually warrants a root canal therapy, few cases may only have pus discharge or no symptoms at all. Your dentist will examine the Xray of the teeth along with clinical examination and determine the indication of RCT irrespective of your symptoms.

4. MYTH: RCT reduces the longevity of the tooth

FACT: Root Canal Therapy has a success rate of more than 95% when performed optimally by your dentist and with proper oral hygiene regimen. In case of failure, there may be pain, swelling, pus discharge, bleeding from gums etc. and another RCT can be performed on the same tooth if there is sufficient remaining tooth structure and surrounding bone. Root canal retreatment is a better alternative to tooth removal and has a success rate of over 75%. RCT is done to prolong the life of your natural tooth and should always be preferred over tooth extraction.

5. MYTH: Dental crown or cap is mandatory after RCT

FACT: Conventionally, every root canal treated tooth was reduced in size and prepared for a dental crown. It was believed that the inherent strength of the tooth decreases after root canal treatment and hence a 360-degree coverage was provided with the help of a crown to prevent tooth fracture. However, with advances in minimally invasive dentistry, it is always preferred to save healthy tooth structure. A simple white composite filling or Emax onlay may be given post root canal treatment to protect the tooth and preserve the remaining tooth structure.

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