Best root canal treatment in Gurgaon by Dental Panache

Best root canal treatment in Gurgaon by Dental Panache

The moment your dentist says – ‘You might need a root canal’. It sends shivers down the spine. The thought of getting a root canal is so daunting and disturbing. The pain and discomfort associated with it and the myths surrounding the treatment make the experience worse. Don’t believe in these myths and talk to your dentist about the procedure to know the exact details. Also, read on to find all that you wanted to know about the best root canal treatment in Gurgaon.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment aims at removing nerves from the pulp of the tooth to eradicate infection and save the natural tooth is possible. When one gets a root canal done, the inflamed or infected pulp is removed. It is this infected pulp that causes extreme pain. The root is then properly cleaned, filled, and sealed for further protection.

Saving your natural tooth with a root canal has many benefits like –

Efficient chewing

  • Normal biting force and sensation
  • Maintain natural appearance of teeth
  • Protects other teeth from
    wearing off

Does root canal treatment hurt?

One of the biggest fears that patients have while getting an RCT is whether it hurts or not? The treatment is done under local anesthesia, so the patient doesn’t feel any pain during the procedure. However, it is normal that the area can remain sore or numb for a couple of days after the treatment. Most dentists prescribe emergency painkillers as well.

Who needs a root canal treatment?

When the pulp decays or gets an infection, it cannot heal on its own and ultimately the tissue dies. If there is a deep cavity or loose tooth, bacteria can enter the pulp and cause extreme pain. If you’re someone who is going through pain but want a painless RCT in Gurgaon, then Dental Panache has the best services.

A lot of people opt for extraction instead of a root canal, but that’s not the
solution. Ask your dentist for the best advice. Extracting the tooth means that the
adjacent teeth may become crooked and start moving as well.

Root canal treatment is aimed to save the natural tooth. In cases where the tooth cannot be saved, the next best option is dental implants. Root canal treatment in Gurgaon is done by various dentists, but it is recommended you choose the best.

Signs and symptoms to look out for

A lot of people don’t know whether the preliminary signs or the pain can indicate that they might need a root canal treatment. Root canals are needed for deep cavities, infections, chipped teeth from injuries, or due to genetic reasons. One of the first symptoms is sensitivity towards hot and cold food items. Some other signs that indicate you might need a root canal are –

  • Severe pain while biting or chewing
  • Chipped or cracked tooth
  • Deep decaying in the gums
  • Swollen or tender gums
  • Severe sensitivity to hot and cold

Steps in root canal treatment RCT is done in three steps –

  • Cleaning the root canal

In this step, the dentist removes everything that’s inside the root canal. The dentist makes a hole to remove the dead and infected tissue carefully.

  • Filling the root canal

The next step involves decontaminating the hollow area. The space is then filled and sealed using an adhesive to seal the canals completely.

  • Adding a crown

After the root canal treatment, the tooth is dead, and the patient will not feel any pain. However, the tooth will be more fragile now. Therefore, it is best to add a crown for further protection. Until the crown and filling are complete, you should avoid eating from that side. Once the crown is in place, it might feel a little uncomfortable for a couple of days and then the person can use the tooth as before.

If you want to get root canal treatment in Gurgaon, then Dental Panache is the one-stop solution. With a team of highly dedicated and professional dentists, you know you’re in safe hands. Get in touch for painless RCT in Gurgaon.