Dental services for surgical extraction of teeth and dental surgery: An overview

Dental services for surgical extraction of teeth and dental surgery: An overview

According to World Health Organization, oral disease can be preventable if individuals take responsibility for themselves, while such conditions are a significant threat and a burden for many countries. Oral infections can cause permanent disfigurement and even death of the person. Most developing countries with a substantial population living below the poverty line do not pay much importance to oral health. Additionally, they do not have proper access to dental services. All diseases are caused due to many risk factors, such as excessive sugar consumption, tobacco and alcohol consumption, and poor hygiene. Emergency dental services are required for many individuals who do not pay proper attention to their teeth’ health.

According to the World Health Organization, 3.5 billion people are estimated to suffer from all diseases.

Types of Teeth Surgery and Other Oral Issues

Most individuals suffer from tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss, oral cancer, Oro-dental trauma, Noma, Cleft lip and palate, wisdom tooth, etc. Some of them can be dealt with the help of medicines and minor tooth surgery. At the same time, many other problems require complicated procedures and intense investigation. Here are some common dental surgeries:

  1. Root Canal – This is one of the most common surgeries for teeth. According to estimates, millions of teeth are treated every year, saving the teeth from extractions or even reading the individual of the pain and sensitivity. These procedures are mainly pain-free and treat decay and bacteria-laden teeth. If left on their own, the teeth will infect the others around them and cause immense pain.

  2. Dental Implants – This is another surgery for teeth that replaces the tooth’s roots with other implants. The implants place the crown and attach it to the jaw using a titanium tool. The titanium metal is perfect for the mouth as it is lightweight and compatible; the body cannot reject it. Implants are used to replace a decaying or disease-laden tooth and are an effective way to gain back oral health.

  3. Wisdom tooth – This is a common surgery and sometimes requires emergency dental services. The process is mainly the removal of adult teeth located at the back of the mouth. If the tooth grows, it causes immense pain and infection.

  4. Cosmetic and Reconstruction – Many individuals are born with a cleft and other palate problem that makes them conscious of their appearance. Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery on the teeth can provide relief and adjust the teeth according to the face and jaw.

When do you call for emergency dental services?

When do you call for emergency dental services

It is recommended that everyone takes care of their health regularly and get a consultation every six months with their dental hygienist. However, you might require emergency dental services suddenly when you have a toothache or bleeding. Types of dental emergencies include uncontrollable bleeding, swelling, intense pain in the jaw or tooth/teeth, numb tooth, bacterial infection, etc. We understand that some dental scenarios might not be explicit, and you might ignore a minor tingling sensation in your tooth. Any feeling, which is not customary to your general dental health, should be seen by a doctor to avoid any emergency. Get the phone number of the nearest clinic and consult them about your issues. Avoid calling emergency dental services by getting regular consultations and teeth cleaning.


Your oral health may create problems for you in the long run. Always keep the number of your nearest dental clinic available at all times. Understand the different procedures involved in dental surgeries and research the services provided before you avail.