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You may have all the reasons for not visiting a dentist- Oh the drill! So expensive! Too busy to schedule an appointment! NO PAIN ALL GAIN (My teeth are perfect). But we would like to throw some light on some uncanny DENTAL MYTHS widely popular amidst us! A thorough understanding will help you take charge of your dental health and overall wellbeing.

1 FICTION- I have no dental problems because I don’t have pain

FACT-Nature has designed the mouth to make PAIN the LAST alarming SIGN. Dental problems always begin small and can be easily managed with safe and speedy procedures if treated on time. Simple dental cavities never HURT until it encroaches the pulp (housing blood vessels and nerves). Gum problems represent as bleeding and soreness but leads to lot of unwanted DRAMA within! Consult best dentist in Gurgaon at Dental Panache regularly to keep tooth ache and pocket ache at bay.


  1. FICTION- I don’t floss because my gums bleed


Almost 50-75% of adults have encountered gum problems like redness, swelling, bleeding, bad smell from mouth etc. Most of the people do not brush the gum margins resulting in bacterial contamination. Plaque formation begins resulting in inflammation/bleeding and skeptical brushing only enhances the problem. Brushing alone only cleans 70-75% of your tooth structure as it cannot reach between the teeth. Flossing regularly keeps gum problems in check!

  1. FICTION- Diet Sodas can be safely consumed


FACT– It is wrongly presumed that only SUGAR is the main culprit for tooth decay. Bacteria feeding on sugar release acid in the mouth which makes the teeth porous and initiates plaque formation too. Brushing should be delayed for at least 30 minutes after consuming carbonated drinks, red wine, alcohol etc. to enable the saliva buffer the acidic environment. Immediate brushing may dissolve minerals from already softened enamel.


  1. FICTION- My child is too young to visit a Dentist and baby teeth will eventually fall off

FACT– You should start cleaning the child’s mouth as soon as the first tooth erupts. It is extremely important to inculcate brushing and rinsing habit in kids at an early age to make a lasting imprint in their minds. Early exposure of a child to dental office makes it a part of their growing up and they are less anxious about visiting a dentist. Keeping milk teeth cavity-free is extremely important because premature loss may shift the alignment of permanent ones.  Most of the parents do not understand the eruption sequence and it is imperative to visit best kid dentist in your vicinity for proper guidance.

  1. FICTION- All dental procedures should be avoided during pregnancy

FACT– Dr. Shefali Sood strongly recommends dental clearance before planning a baby or during the second trimester. The hormonal surges during pregnancy makes women susceptible to lot of dental ailments like swollen bleeding gums and tooth decay. X-rays and medications are avoided but dental procedures can be safely done to ensure smooth child bearing process.



  1. FICTION- Poor dental hygiene is only harmful for my teeth

FACT– There is strong documented co-relation between gum diseases and heart problems, diabetes, stress, depression, low preterm weight of newborn and even cancer. Your mouth is the window of entire body and presents multiple symptoms to predict underlying diseases. Just like harsh words poison the mind, dirty mouth slowly poisons the system.


“PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE” holds true for every age group.  Instead of dwelling in doubt or ignorance, visit specialists at best dental clinic in Gurgaon, Dental Panache and get a clear picture of your oral health status. Dr. Shefali Sood pays extra emphasis on teaching correct brushing technique and educating her patients about healthy eating habits.



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