Can Dental Floss Sticks Help You Keep Your Teeth Clean?

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Can Dental Floss Sticks Help You Keep Your Teeth Clean?

Brushing teeth is something which everyone knows and practices. However, Dental flossing is not so widely known. Even those who know about it, hardly practice it, due to which their oral hygiene remains poor. They stick to just brushing their teeth, which is only half care of oral health.

There are very few people who floss their teeth daily, mainly because of two reasons. The first one is that they are totally ignorant about such a practice and this is not taught in many schools during childhood. Right from childhood, the emphasis has always been on brushing one’s teeth. The second reason is that “I don’t care” attitude, or they find it another difficult chore of the day.

Methods of brushing one’s teeth may differ though, eg. in remote villages they use “daatoon” or twigs of neem tree crushed at the end to give it a brush-like effect. The neem juice secreted while brushing with it kills the germs in one’s mouth. However, this has a high chance of damaging your gums and enamel. In some rural households, they use salt or a mixture of charred husk or charred garcinia cambogia, etc. in place of toothpaste, to brush their teeth and they rub it on their teeth with their forefinger.

This has the potential to damage or corrode their teeth and enamel. It is in urban areas that toothpaste is widely used to brush one’s teeth. But then flossing is not a widely accepted practice in both rural and urban India.

Flossing of teeth is as important as brushing them. It is very critical for oral health. It basically helps in removing food particles trapped in gaps where toothbrushes cannot reach. Flossing prevents cavities and bad breath. Of late, Dental floss sticks are available which makes flossing very easy.

Let us first know what is Dental Floss Sticks:They are also known as Floss Picks or Flossers. They are small plastic tools that hold a piece of dental floss. This is an easy way to clean one’s teeth. Generally, people who find flossing difficult, love the convenience of using Flossers. This would also help in flossing without hurting your fingers.

Dental Floss Sticks vs Traditional Floss: Generally, those who floss still use the traditional flossing methods. One needs to identify which tool is right for you. Whichever tool one uses for flossing, it should be comfortable for him, but ensure that flossing is done daily. As one eats food, small food particles tend to build up, which cannot really be removed with normal brushing of teeth. Hence, though normal brushing is still required, flossing daily removes these food particles and helps in keeping your teeth clean, thus preventing cavities.

Water Flossers: This is another option for flossing. This uses a small pressurized stream of a water jet between your teeth, instead of a flosser. This is very helpful for people with sensitive gums, but should not be used as a replacement to Flosser completely. Only a regular Flosser or a stick can reach all the small gaps to remove tiny food particles trapped there.

Visit a Dentist:Though brushing one’s teeth and flossing are both important activities to maintain oral health and hygiene, it is important to visit your dentist for professional teeth cleaning periodically. The advanced tools used by a Dentist will be able to clean your teeth thoroughly. They will also be able to check for any possible oral illness like gingivitis or oral cancer.