What You Should Eat And What You Should Avoid After a Tooth Extraction

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What You Should Eat And What You Should Avoid After a Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction sounds very painful and something most people would want to avoid. But it is important to understand that tooth extraction when recommended by a dentist, is always done to save your oral health. Now the process of tooth extraction itself involves extra precautions, where you have to take care of the extraction site, for many weeks. This means, gentle brushing, cleaning that spot carefully, and avoiding alcohol or smoking.

However, the main purpose of our teeth is to help us in consuming our food. There will be restrictions on what you can and cannot eat, after having a tooth extraction. Let us explore this topic!

How to eat after a tooth extraction?: How you eat is as important as what you eat right after having your tooth extracted. For some days after having your tooth extraction, it would be best that you use the opposite side of your extracted tooth to chew and eat your food. In this situation, you may think that having a liquid diet and using a straw would be better. However, avoid using a straw, as the suction action can cause the blood clot to get dislodged, and this will prolong your healing period.

What to eat?: The best part about having an extraction is that you are asked to consume ice cream within the next 45 minutes (but without any chewy pieces and avoid eating the ice cream cones). Only cold stuff is recommended on the day of the extraction both inside and outside (cold compression) to stop the bleeding from the extraction site. In the first 24 hours, you can only consume soft foods like mashed potatoes and drink a moderate amount of liquid. Gradually, you will start to feel comfortable in your mouth, and you can slowly switch to normal food. Scrambled eggs, broth-based soup, smoothies, porridge and khichdi are best for you. But, make sure that you are eating them at room temperature and not scalding hot. 

Ice Creams

What to not eat?: Hot, hard and spicy food are contraindicated in the first 24 hours. It is important to completely avoid crunchy and hard food for at least a week after the tooth extraction. Even crispy and grainy food needs to be avoided, as they can disturb the blood clot on the operated area of your mouth. Chewing tough meat is also a strict no, therefore the only way to get protein is by consuming dairy products. Also avoid having alcohol and smoking, during the healing period.

It would take weeks for you to recover, after having a tooth extraction, even if you are in the top physical condition. Therefore, it is necessary that you maintain a strict regime of hygiene activities, and only consume what suits your mouth, during the healing period. In case of any sudden pain, immediately contact a reputed dental clinic like Dental Panache. Here, you can benefit from the best in dentistry service. The experts at Dental Panache always consider their clients as extended family. Visit today for a routine checkup!