What Can I Do to Prevent Dental Problems?

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What Can I Do to Prevent Dental Problems?

As the age goes, “A smile goes a mile”. Nothing can be more appealing about a person than a pleasant smile. It opens up lots of doors and opportunities. It adds a charming dimension to one’s personality and makes him a much-loved person. But it takes effort and techniques to maintain a pearly white set of healthy teeth and prevent dental problems.

The most important task is to brush one’s teeth. It helps in washing away bacteria and other germs which can cause tooth decay and diseases of the gums. Brushing one’s teeth twice daily is what the American Dental Association recommends. Each time, the task should last two minutes. One should use a suitable soft bristle toothbrush and clean one’s teeth and tongue. A toothpaste with fluoride will help to fight germs better. It’s necessary to brush one’s teeth every morning, as overnight, plaque builds up which can lead to bacteria and bad breath. In case if one has to drink coffee in the morning, a gap of at least 30 minutes is advisable, as the acidic coffee can damage one’s teeth if brushed too soon. Flossing should also be included as a daily routine, as it helps in removing food particles that build up between the teeth and along the gum line, which cannot be removed fully while brushing.

Are there any particular foods that cause dental problems?: There are certain foods that can break down enamel and cause tooth decay, even if one happens to brush and floss their teeth daily. These food can cause serious dental problems. Beverages with sugar eg. Soda can cause acid in one’s mouth to break down their tooth enamel. The teeth stand prone to decay, once the enamel begins to break down. Hence it is best to avoid soda, whether regular or diet. If you want to maintain a healthy mouth, it is advisable to keep away from candy. Though one can indulge in it once in a while, one sure not make it a habit. However, one needs to choose those candies wisely, as sticky and chewy candies tend to stay more time in one’s mouth, giving the bacteria and acid from them to stay for a longer time in one’s mouth which can damage one’s teeth.

Can one take too good care of one’s teeth?: Over-brushing one’s teeth, ie. brushing more than twice a day and for a longer period than the stipulated 2 minutes can actually wear down the teeth’s enamel. Thus one’s teeth become more susceptible to tooth decay. One should also not brush too hard as again it can damage one’s tooth enamel and the tissues around one’s teeth can weaken, thus allowing bacterial to grow there.

To sum up, it is possible to take good care of one’s teeth to prevent future dental problems. Brushing twice a day for 2 minutes each time, flossing, and avoiding high sugar drinks or sugar candies can certainly help to keep one’s teeth healthy.