Unveiling Risk Factors of Gum Disease

Gum diseases are rampant in every age group, gender and race. We may encounter gum problems resolving on its own, but it is surely tell-a-tale of something fishy going on within. It may seem very small amidst magnitude of other issues, but it surely warrants your attention despite your busy schedule! We can never stop reiterating the fact that the lifespan of your natural tooth depends upon the health of the supporting structures including gums, bone and ligaments. So, ironically, GUM MEIN HAI DUM…

Let’s understand some triggering factors which may be responsible for underlying gum related issues:

  1. AGEING: Age may be just a number but it surely takes a toll on your general health and well-being due to delayed repair mechanism and healing response of the body. Studies reveal higher prevalence rate of gum disease in people over 55 years of age. One of the most common reason of missing teeth is Periodontal Disease (Problems affecting gums and supporting tissues).
  2. FAMILY HISTORY: People with genetic predisposition and nearly six times more likely to develop gum disease. A thorough gene mapping may help in preventive measures and early intervention.
  3. HORMONAL IMBALANCES: Puberty, pregnancy, menopause involve hormonal changes and commonly reflect gum issues in women. Pregnancy gingivitis typically exhibit tender red swollen gums which easily bleeds. Research suggests higher chances of having premature low birth weight babies in women suffering from periodontal disease. 
  4. DIABETES: Uncontrolled diabetes is considered a slow poison eating up your system within and gums are not spared either. Periodontitis also adversely affects in controlling blood sugar levels by impairing function of insulin.
  5. SMOKING/TOBACCO CONSUMPTION: Smoking is one the highest behavioural risk factor for development and progression of gum related disorders. Symptoms may not appear in early stages due to narrowing of blood vessels and altered immune reaction. Treatment progress is impaired in smokers and tobacco cessation is highly recommended.
  6. STRESS: Stress is a multifaceted syndrome impacting your entire wellbeing including your smile. Unwind, unlearn and unleash your inner potential to heal within.
  7. TEETH GRINDING: Clenching of teeth exerts undue load on supporting structures surrounding the teeth and exaggerate the progression of existing periodontal disease.
  8. MEDICATION: Gum problems following intake of certain medications (oral contraceptives, anti-depressants, heart medicines) should ring a bell because they may lead to dry mouth, inhibit flushing action of saliva and reduce immune function of the body. Few medicines also lead to gingival enlargement which act as food traps due to difficulty in cleaning. Update your dentist about all your medical history thoroughly!
  9. INADEQUATE NUTRITION: Poor nourishment (especially Vitamin C and Vitamin K deficiency) is directly related to inadequate potential of your body’s immune system to fight infections. Since, gum diseases are predominantly bacterial, a well-balanced diet with a healthy body, mind and soul goes a long way in fixing all worries.
  10. HEART RELATED DISORDER: There is a strong correlation between cardiovascular problems and gum diseases as PLAQUE and BACTERIA remain the connecting thread.

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