Understanding the Applications of Teledentistry

Understanding the Applications of Teledentistry


Have you ever heard of the concept of Teledentistry? This is something new that is becoming increasingly important in dental healthcare worldwide. This is revolutionizing oral health care and bringing solutions and information regarding the subject right to the people’s doorstep. It is used to improve awareness regarding oral health and expand access to healthcare in different areas of the world. For example, in rural India, many people are from remote locations and do not get the same advantages concerning medicine as in cities. Gaining access to medical professionals can also be difficult if you do not have the proper knowledge and means. With the help of teledentistry, people can access dental professionals through their smartphones or other electronic devices.

Benefits of Teledentistry

India is a developing country with many people who suffer from very poor oral health due to the consumption of tobacco and alcohol. India’s poverty levels are also why people do not approach doctors easily in the country. The lack of awareness, which leads to the complete disregard for all health conditions, has led to many oral health issues in the country. However, with the help of teledentistry, many of these problems can be reduced.

  1. Communication – One of the main benefits of this process is that it increases communication between dental health practitioners and the patient. If the patient is elderly or very ill, they can quickly contact the dental health practitioner through electronic modes and get the needed help. Or if they want information regarding any surgery, they can quickly contact and communicate their issues with the person.

  2. Prescribe medicine – After a consultation, doctors can also diagnose the patient on an emergency basis and prescribe an antibiotic to reduce symptoms temporarily to give them time to visit the clinic. It also reduces unnecessary visits to the emergency rooms and can deliver diagnoses through electronic modes.

  3. Expand services – Teledentistry can be used to expand services to remote locations. Rural areas that do not have access to medical professionals or hospitals can use these online services to get the help they need.

Cosmetic industry and Teledentistry


There is an increasing demand for cosmetic dentistry today in India. People turn to the internet for the correct information regarding their choices and the best possible fit for their conditions. It is best to rely on expert opinion when it comes to surgery or any kind of cosmetic modification of their oral health. Instead of going straight to the doctor, you can have video consultations where the doctors can analyze your smile and understand your expectations regarding aesthetic issues. Many young people are more comfortable with remote services, which increase engagement and allow them to talk about their issues with the doctor. They no longer have to take a preliminary examination or a consultation before deciding. With the help of teledentistry, the doctor can build trust when it comes to nervous patients. Patients with disabilities can also enjoy the benefits of this kind of service, where they do not have to travel long distances to gain information regarding their conditions. Assessments can be done online or through electronic modes. Regarding cosmetic dentistry, the doctor can also provide contacts and other information regarding the tools and other measures through electronic systems.


If you are looking for solutions to your oral health problems, then it is time that you get an online consultation with a doctor. Many options are available; don’t be afraid to use teledentistry to gain expert opinion.