Understand an Endodontic Examination and Root Canal Treatment

Understand an Endodontic Examination and Root Canal Treatment

Patients who require an endodontic examination are often in acute pain and are distressed. These patients have not slept for days and have high anxiety levels. Sometimes patients are also asymptomatic during the examination. Therefore, the endodontist must be very thorough in diagnosing accurately. You must know your doctor before you visit them for a test. Patients with high levels of anxiety have a negative effect on a procedure such as a root canal treatment. It is essential that the doctor establishes trust and uses empathy to prepare the patient for the treatment. To get a root canal treatment in Gurgaon, visit your nearest dental clinic and book an appointment today.

Endodontic Examination

A good root canal treatment in Gurgaon will begin with an endodontic examination. This examination process starts with the doctor asking you questions about your discomfort. The doctor will review your medical history, note your tetanus status, and any emergency treatments performed on the patient. An extraoral examination is then conducted to understand the acute swelling or any signs of distress. There may be signs that the infection may have spread even though the patient does not feel any discomfort. Blood pressure and body temperature are also part of the examination to understand the seriousness of the case. If the patient is having difficulty breathing, there might be a restriction in the airway, which means the infection has spread. After this, an intraoral examination is carried out to understand the cause of the pain. The study is also carried out to understand the general health of the tooth and the gums. A patient’s dental chart is prepared, where notes regarding missing teeth, restorations, or any other issues are noted. Based on this, a diagnosis is provided by the doctor.

Endodontic and Root Canal Treatment


To get the best root canal treatment in Gurgaon, it’s essential to understand the clinic nearest to your home. For instance, Dental Panache is a boutique clinic that provides a number of services to patients. Registering with the clinic is essential to ensure that your medical records are updated and utilized while giving a diagnosis. Understanding and knowing your doctor will decrease stress and help you cope better.

An endodontic treatment, mainly root canal therapy, is used to preserve the teeth that can be extracted. This is about giving a second chance to your natural teeth. Your doctor will advise whether you need a root filling or re-treatment according to your symptoms. Root canal treatment is one of the best options to avoid artificial implantations. But for the treatment to go well, it is crucial that the doctor who performs this has a good relationship with the patient. During the root canal treatment, a patient should understand the treatment’s outcomes and the after-care. According to recent research, modern endodontic practice is not only focused on cleaning, shaping, or filling the teeth but mainly on shaping the teeth first so that later the cleaning can occur better and the filling is situated correctly.


The best root canal treatment in Gurgaon is just steps away from your home. If you’re facing discomfort, then it is time that you make an appointment with your nearest dental health clinic. Register with the doctor and understand if there are any signs of contamination that include staining or tooth pain. The complex nature of the root canal system needs to be preserved to increase the well-being of your dental health and overall condition.