Top Critical Dental Symptoms NOT to Ignore

Top Critical Dental Symptoms NOT to Ignore

Dental problems can take a toll on your mind if not tackled in time. Tooth sensitivity, toothaches, bad breath or swelling in gums are primary symptoms of any dental problem that should not be ignored. If you’re experiencing any such symptoms, you must visit your dental care provider on priority. Read on to know the common dental problems that can be prevented with proper care.

bad breathBad breath- Also known as halitosis, this is one of the most common dental problems that can be embarrassing while communicating. Some of the known causes of bad breath include gum diseases, cavities, oral cancer, dry mouth, bacteria on the tongue and certain systemic diseases. To avoid, people use mouthwash or oral spray, however, these can only mask bad breath but won’t cure it. Prolonged bad breath can be a serious matter, so you must visit your doctor in time, to start the diagnosis and its treatment.

tooth decayTooth Decay – Tooth decay, otherwise known as cavities is another major consequence of poor dental care. It mostly happens on kids but aren’t just for them. These can happen to adults and older persons. Teeth decay when you consume more of sugary and starchy substances. Foods with higher sugar and starch content stick to tooth enamel producing an acid that attacks tooth enamel, causing decay eventually.

Gum DiseaseGum (periodontal) Disease– it is the infection of the gums surrounding the teeth and mostly affects adults. Smoking, diabetes, dry mouth, certain medications and hormonal imbalances are some of the common factors of causing gums disease that result in bad breath, red, swollen or bleeding gums, tooth sensitivity and painful chewing. Brushing the teeth twice daily and keeping a regular check on your oral health by visiting a dentist helps keeping away from such severe dental problems in a long run. If left unchecked, it can result in underlying bone loss and premature looseness of teeth.

Oral CancerOral Cancer- it is one of the deadliest diseases that affects millions of people around the world. It generally affects people above 40 years of age and can be cured if diagnosed in time. Over consumption of alcohol and tobacco, including HIV or sexually transmitted diseases are the common factors contributing to risks of developing oral cancer. The only way to treat this in time is frequent or routine visits to your dental care provider and getting checked on regular basis.

Mouth SoresMouth Sores- Mouth sores can be irritating and painful. They usually last for about two weeks and can be treated easily with medicated oral ointments and drops and medicines, if required be. However, any mouth sores lasting for more than two weeks should not be ignored. Mouth sores are mostly a result of yeast infection, denture wears, diabetes, vitamin deficiency or cancer treatment side-effects.

Tooth ErosionTooth Erosion- Also known as the loss of tooth structure is one of the major dental problems affecting both, kids and adults across the globe. It happens because of acid attacks on the enamel due to acid reflux from the stomach, excessive carbonated drink consumption and reduced salivary flow. From tooth sensitivity to cracking, tooth erosion can bring any of these dental complications if not taken care beforehand. Your dentist may suggest you crowns or bridges to secure the teeth from further damage and bring durability to its structure and tooth life.

Teeth SensitivityTeeth Sensitivity- Having difficulty eating your favorite ice-cream or cup of tea? Wear and tear of teeth with time resulting in dentin exposure, deep cavities, grinding of teeth can all lead to sensitivity problem. Visit a dentist immediately in case of lingering teeth sensitivity to fin d instant solutions.