The Tobacco Problem in India: The Need for Oral Hygiene

The Tobacco Problem in India: The Need for Oral Hygiene

Tobacco habits in India are considered a health and environmental hazard for people of all ages. Passive smoking is incredibly harmful to children and can increase the chances of cancer. Oral health and hygiene decrease with every cigarette or pan masala consumed. The global tobacco problem is an epidemic that kills more people than aids and HIV, and malaria combined.

India is considered the second largest tobacco consumer globally and is estimated to have 1/6 of the world’s deaths related to tobacco consumption.

India consumes several smokeless tobacco products such as pan masala and other chewing products sold in many shops nationwide. Oral health and hygiene are a severe concern in India, and most people are recommended to register with the nearest dental clinic to avoid complications.

Impact of Tobacco Consumption in India

According to sources, oral cancer is on the rise in India. 80% of the world’s cases related to oral cancer come from India, mainly due to the increased consumption of tobacco products, which reduces oral hygiene. It is estimated that India’s cases of oral cancer may increase to 3.2 billion in the next 10 years.
Here are some reasons why you should stop the consumption of tobacco.
  1. Health Effects – Smoking and consumption of any kind of tobacco can cause serious health effects, which include the development of pulmonary disease, lung disease, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and even leads to stroke. People have also developed tuberculosis and eye diseases which have reduced their immunity and increased the occurrence of arthritis at a young age. Secondhand smoke also causes millions of deaths every year and reduces the life expectancy of children. Lung cancer and coronary heart disease in adults are also caused by secondhand smoking. Other reports show that when children are exposed to smoke, there is a risk of infant death syndrome and reduced lung growth. Other health effects include lung cancer which can lead to death and painful treatment. During pregnancy, smoking and tobacco consumption can complicate the fetus’s development. Visiting the nearest dental clinic as soon as possible and stopping tobacco consumption is recommended. 

  2. Economic effects – Tobacco consumption can lead to substantial economic and financial strains for the family. This becomes an addiction where a person might not be able to live without consuming a single cigarette or a pan masala.  According to the World Health Organization, smoking causes the global economy more than US$1 trillion in expenditure on health care due to loss of productivity.  This is a burden not only on individual families but the whole global nation. Tobacco consumption has broken up families and reduced the mental health of individuals. Increased consumption is attributed to increased stress and depression. Visiting your nearest doctors and mental health specialist can help you deal with this problem and improve your quality of life. 

  3. Environmental effects – How many times in India have you seen walls stained with tobacco? Spitting out tobacco is a scene that reduces the country’s image worldwide. Environmental effects of tobacco concern health and oral hygiene problems for not only human beings but also animals. Tobacco also decreases soil quality and reduces biodiversity. Low and middle-income countries such as India farm tobacco that reduces the quality of the air and soil quality due to the use of pesticides and fertilizers.  Oral Health and Tobacco Oral-Health-and-Tobacco

    Visit your nearest dental clinic or your dentist in Gurgaon and try and understand the problems that you are having concerning tobacco consumption. The doctors will also give you a plan to reduce the consumption of harmful materials that affect your health and decreases your life expectancy. Monitor your food and lifestyle to increase your chances of survival and a good life.


    Your dentist in Gurgaon will give you a thorough review of your current health conditions concerning your lifestyle that, includes tobacco consumption. You must stop this consumption after consulting your doctor, who will give you a plan. This is a lifelong investment that is a necessity to increase the quality of your life.