The Most Common Oral Health Diseases in Children

The Most Common Oral Health Diseases in Children

Tooth decay begins from a very young age. As a baby, there is a high risk that the enamel on the baby’s teeth can become compromised. Malnutrition or undernourishment can cause these problems. Sometimes we, as new parents, must be made aware of these issues as the problems are not explicit. Children face tooth decay due to the formation of bacteria in their mouths from consuming drinks and food. The bacteria lead to the production of acid, which attaches itself to the tooth’s surface. The saliva produced by the glands can help repair the damage, but the bacteria develop a hole in the tooth over time without treatment. It causes immense pain and difficulty in eating. Therefore, it is best to register with your nearest Kid’s dentist in Gurgaon to stop the infection from spreading.

Common Oral Health Diseases in Children

Most of the time, the children experiment with different foods, and they’re not bothered about their health. It is up to parents to look after their child’s health and provide them with enough nourishment for a long healthy life. However, with the number of sweets consumed, children often develop problems, and the most common are:

  1. Cavities – Children often do not brush properly, and without supervision, sometimes they do not brush at all. While they go out with their friends, children consume a lot of sugar and junk food. This is the primary cause of tooth decay due to cavities. If the tooth is not shown immediately to the dentist, it might need extraction. For your child’s safety and the upkeep of their health, parents must supervise children when brushing their teeth. They should also ensure the children brush their teeth twice daily.

  2. Sensitivity – Sensitivity of the teeth means an uncomfortable feeling while having food or brushing. Because of this feeling, most children will not brush or avoid the food instead of telling their parents to go to the doctor. Sensitivity can be caused due to decay or acid erosion. Parents should also notice if the child is grinding their teeth while asleep. This could be because of stomach issues or bruxism. Going to your nearest kid’s dentist in Gurgaon will help you understand the real cause of the problem.

  3. Gingivitis –. Gingivitis comes before gum disease, where children develop red and swollen gums that might also start bleeding while brushing their teeth. It can cause many excessive problems in a child compared to an adult. Gingivitis occurs because of children’s poor oral health, which could have been avoided if parents had supervised the child while they cleaned and brushed their teeth.

  4. Thumb sucking – Babies and children often suck their thumbs, but excessive thumb sucking can cause several issues in the teeth. Once the child is older and still has this habit, it will impact the development of the teeth. They should not allow thumb sucking once the child has grown up, and limiting the use of a pacifier is recommended.

  5. Dental anxieties – Children also develop a lot of phobias and anxieties regarding the dentist. This is why they do not want to go to the dentist for teeth cleaning and regular dental checkups. Visit the best dentist in Gurgaon to experience a relaxed, fun, enjoyable experience. Take them for regular check-ups and help them feel comfortable so they are not afraid to revisit the doctor.

Baby Teeth Health


As new parents, we might make many mistakes with the baby’s health. When the baby loses the first teeth, it might be fascinating, but it has to be a natural stage of development. We need to understand which tooth has fallen and if this is normal according to age. Take your baby to the best dentist in Gurgaon to realize if everything is all right.


Register your child with the nearest dentist so that you get a thorough examination and can avoid any bacterial formation in your children. As parents, we must supervise our children’s oral health process and make them brush at least twice daily.