Management of dental emergency & the importance of dental emergency services

Management of dental emergency & the importance of dental emergency services

Life is confined for all of us during this Covid-19 epidemic because there is nothing safer than the four walls of the house. Within all the limitations, it is paramount to restrict our whereabouts to absolute essentials which cannot be sourced by home delivery. With relapses in other countries and an increasing number of affected people, we are totally clueless about the total extent of the lockdown period. While a lot is at stake, there is nothing more important than your wellbeing. The importance of emergency dentistry services should be given importance.

We miss attending to our patients and have been trying our best to alleviate their problems as smoothly as possible. However, it is heart-wrenching to get so many calls regarding the demand of Emergency Dental Services on a daily basis, impacting people of every age group. Since dental treatment generates aerosol, we are in the high-risk zone for contracting and spreading infection, thereby necessitating abstaining from dental procedures till the situation improves.


  • TOOTHACHE: In case of an aching tooth, apply a cotton swab soaked in tea tree oil or clove oil and apply it locally. Alternatively, you can chew clove from the affected tooth. Avoid chewing from that side. If something feels stuck near the tooth, try using a waxed floss to remove the food particle. An acute attack may result in severe pain on eating something hot/cold which aggravates while lying down. Get in touch with your dentist and start relevant antibiotics and painkillers. If pain persists, call us for an appointment for Emergency Dental Services!
  • 2. THIRD MOLAR ERUPTION: If you have a cheek bite, swollen gum at the extreme end of the jawline, ache below the ear, or difficulty in opening the mouth, it may be because of erupting wisdom tooth. If the problem is mild, start warm saline rinses, apply clove oil locally and take an anti-inflammatory tablet. In case of severe problems, start antibiotics and painkillers after speaking to your dentist.
  • PUS/ GUM BOIL: This is a sign of infection and should not be neglected. Please consult a local dentist and start a course of antibiotics with painkillers if needed. Try and drain the pus by pressing on the boil with a sterilized gauze/cotton piece. This is the time you need to be aware of the importance of emergency Dentistry services. Connect with us for any emergency.


  • BLEEDING FROM GUMS: Mindless eating and frequent snacking may result in plaque deposition around gum margins resulting in bleeding and swollen gums. Brush twice a day and floss daily without fear even in presence of bleeding. Start warm saline rinses multiple times a day.


  • BROKEN BRACES/WIRE: If any wire or bracket becomes loose, use orthodontic wax around the area to keep it in place. If any wire is poking, use the rubber end of the pencil and shift the wire to any comfortable position. Apply honey or glycerine in case of any ulcer/cut. Please do not panic if you miss your monthly appointment as the wires will keep holding the teeth in place until the next appointment. The importance of emergency Dentistry services is crucial nowadays.


  • DISLODGED FILLING/CAP: If a filling or crown comes out, it may result in sensitivity or pain. Before brushing, apply desensitizing tooth on the concerned tooth and leave it for 10 minutes and then brush everywhere as usual. If possible, try and source temporary dental cement and place it on the tooth with a dislodged filling or pack a cotton ball in the hole and change it frequently. In case of a cap, try and keep it in place with the help of toothpaste or keep it outside the mouth safely in a box and get it cemented back once dental services resume.

Once this is all over, please remember to live in the moment- spreading abundant love and positivity! Always put your health at the forefront and incorporate regular health check-ups in your annual routine. Do not stall necessary lifestyle modification or treatment advice and get proactive towards taking charge of your physical and mental wellness. You need to understand the Importance of Emergency Dentistry services.

We sincerely pray that you do not suffer from any dental emergency during this lockdown period to avoid undue stress and discomfort. In case you need any assistance, you can contact the Dental Panache team at 7290073613. We are providing complimentary online consultation for everyone on emergency Dental Services.