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Teeth whitening in Gurgaon by the best dentist – Dental Panache

If your teeth are yellow or stained it can bring down your confidence drastically. Shiny white teeth make your smile more appealing and enhance the appearance of your teeth as well. With the advanced services of cosmetic dentistry, you can get teeth whitening which helps to lighten and brighten your teeth without damaging them.

Teeth whitening services are completely safe, highly effective, and you can see instant results. Get in touch with the expert dentists at Dental Panache and they’ll help you clear all the doubts about teeth whitening. The best teeth whitening in Gurgaon is indeed done at Dental Panache and that’s why they are the choice of many.

The reason for your teeth staining or getting yellowed depends on your lifestyle and food choices as well. If you smoke or chew tobacco, it stains the teeth very badly. Foods with turmeric added colorants and excessive spices can also stain the color. Some foods have natural colors like red wine, tea, coffee, grapes, tomatoes, pomegranate, etc. Having an excess of these can also stain your teeth in the long run.

Teeth whitening procedure

Teeth whitening is a customized and non-invasive procedure and is done using laser therapy or zoom whitening. It is best that you consult the dentist to know which methods will suit you the best. The dentist will examine your teeth and see for any damage, decay, or cavities. A barrier is placed to safeguard your gums and tongue and then the dentist will start the procedure. A thorough cleaning is done to remove excess tartar and plaque build-up. Teeth lightening gel is applied which is activated using laser light. This process may take 15 – 20 minutes and will be repeated a couple of times. You can get teeth whitening in a single sitting and see immediate results.

On completion of the process, you might feel sensitivity in your teeth which goes off in a couple of days. Your dentist may also prescribe painkillers if the sensitivity is too much. For the first 24 hours after the procedure doesn’t eat anything with added colors of spices. Your dentist might also suggest some lifestyle changes. Follow them if you want the effects to last longer.

If you’re looking for the best dentist in Gurgaon for teeth whitening, then Dental Panache is the perfect solution. It is one of the leading dental clinics in Gurgaon and is known for its amazing services.

Why teeth whitening is recommended?

Dental Panache has a well-trained and highly qualified team of dentists. They ensure that your teeth whitening procedure is smooth, pain-free, and comfortable. You can easily book an appointment or get in touch with the clinic to know more about teeth whitening in Gurgaon. Some of the highlights of the teeth whitening procedure at Dental Panache include –

  • See instant results in just one sitting
  • Completely safe and conservative nature of treatment
  • Cost-effective, offering the best prices for similar treatments
  • Guaranteed results that last for a considerable amount of time
  • Does not affect or erode the enamel layer of teeth

A treatment that can brighten your teeth is indeed something that you should invest in. There are so many dental clinics that offer teeth whitening in Gurgaon but it is recommended you choose the best. Dental Panache is a highly reputable name and with its increasing number of happy and satisfied clients, you know that they offer premium dental care services at the most affordable prices.