Super Food For Superb Teeth

Dentists can never stop emphasizing the importance of thorough brushing and flossing to maintain a sparkling smile. But how did people maintain their oral health before invention of the toothbrush. Needless to say, their robust diet played a significant role in scrubbing off tooth surface and preventing plaque accumulation. Refined food laden in sugar is one of the main contributory factors for alleviating dental issues in our generation. Just as much as you need your teeth to relish your favourite food, your teeth need healthy food habits for lasting longer! Binge on these nutritious options to maintain right pH in the mouth and keeping plaque at bay.

CHEESE: Cheese platter surprisingly tops the chart because of rich fluoride, calcium and phosphate content and protein called casein. Cheese neutralises acidic pH owing to its rich mineral content and accelerating flow of saliva. Casein forms a protective shield on tooth surface preventing cavities. Finish your meal with cheese as it helps in restoring pH balance of the mouth.

CALCIUM RICH SOURCES: Enamel attack typically represents leaching of minerals from its surface following drop in pH in the mouth. Food rich in calcium like milk, cheese, yogurt, almonds, kale and phosphorous like fish, meat, eggs, nuts, tofu help in replenishing lost minerals from the tooth.

CITRUS FRUITS: Orange, cranberry, kiwi, strawberry are rich sources of Vitamin C which prevents collage degradation and preserve healthy gums. It is recommended to avoid brushing for at least thirty minutes post ingestion to enable neutralising of acidic environment.

CRUNCHY FOOD: Chewing celery, raw carrot, apple, cucumber steer away food debris and plaque accumulating on teeth owing to its rich fibrous content and natural abrasive action. They also stimulate salivary flow which neutralises acidic content in mouth.

GREEN AND BLACK TEA: They contain polyphenols which attack acid producing bacteria in the mouth. Don’t stop sipping on your steaming hot cup of tea during or after meals.

DARK CHOCOLATE: Now this is quite a surprise package! The only condition is that chocolate should have minimum 70% cocoa content and eaten in moderation. Antioxidants and polyphenols present in dark chocolate help in flighting bacteria causing decay, gum disease and plaque formation.

NATURAL MOUTH FRESHNERS: I always swear by fennel, cardamom, clove or cinnamon post meals to stimulate flow of saliva for flushing action and subtle after taste. Bad breath can be a big deterrent and social stigma and special precaution should always be taken to avoid halitosis. Alternatively, conventional sugar free gums are highly recommended post meals.

WATER: Water remains the most under-rated Hero of good times. Frequent intake of water clears the mouth of food debris, helps in neutralising pH by boosting salivation, hydrates the tissues, promotes remineralisation of enamel and aids in detoxification.

Ditch food items rich in sugar and acid and embrace these healthier alternatives to boost your smile and infuse your body with required nutrients. The team of dentists in Dental Panache, Gurgaon Dental Clinic, always ensure proper brushing technique demonstration, habit correction and diet counselling for all our patients to promote healthy lifestyle.

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