Smart Smile: Wireless Clear Aligners

Smart Smile: Wireless Clear Aligners

Smiling is always in Vogue but has redefined its presence and importance in today’s millennial generation. There is no room for imperfections- Big or small! We are dwelling in a much more aesthetically conscious generation which should not make us gloomy at our blemishes, but encourage us to mend fences.

clear-alignersIf you shy away from clicking portraits or refuse to display your teeth while smiling, take CHARGE of steering your SMILE the absolute CLEAR way. CLEAR ALIGNERS are definitely the most inconspicuous way of transforming your smile naturally without any artificial add-on to your teeth. Conventionally, the only way to change teeth alignment was using metal or ceramic braces but clear aligners have taken the market by storm worldwide.

TECHNIQUE: Controlled predesigned teeth movement with predictable results by 3D computed imaging using CUSTOM MADE clear plastic trays. They are strategically engineered to apply right pressure at the suitable place at appropriate time.

INDICATION: All mild to moderate teeth alignment issues can be safely resolved like forwardly placed teeth, gaps or overlapping or rotated teeth.


  • Thorough consultation with in-depth understanding of expected end result
  • Upper and lower impression taken and sent to Lab for investigating the case
  • Thorough case analysis with response on feasibility of using clear aligners
  • Complete discussion on total cost and time involved
  • 3D Simulation of expected teeth movement. End result is visible prior to starting the actual treatment owing to technology
  • Total set of aligners are delivered within a span of 15-20 days post approval


  • Absolutely imperceptible visibly until close proximity
  • More comfortable in the mouth
  • Free to enjoy food and drinks of choice
  • Easily removable during important social occasions
  • Easy to maintain oral hygiene due to absence of fixed attachments
  • No trauma to gums, lips or cheek like ulcers or bleeding by hard metal wires or brackets
  • Gratifying self monitoring of progress as old retainers do not seat in the mouth
  • Less pain and discomfort in comparison to traditional braces


  • clear-alignerAligners should be worn for more than 20-22 hours a day for best results in given time frame
  • Aligners should be seated well with a firm grip on teeth
  • Press your aligners with thumb and fingers everywhere for best adaptation
  • Bite on soft spongy plastic CHEWIES for 15 minutes several times a day
  • Always save in a container when not in use
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating/drinking anything
  • Clean your aligners with extra soft tooth brush daily
  • Choose weekends for starting new aligners as maximum discomfort is usually within initial 3-4 days of every new aligner

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