Root Canal Treatment: Treat It or Risk It

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Root Canal Treatment: Treat It or Risk It

Let’s get to the root of the Problem- The only time we believe in knocking the dentist’s door is in trouble/pain. Root Canal Treatment is usually the outcome of dental negligence. Dentists usually advice the best treatment options available after analyzing the main cause of problem. In case the root cause isn’t identified, the treatment gets difficult and could wind up in more severe conditions. Root Canal Treatment has to be done when the pulp inside the tooth (central portion) becomes infected or inflamed and aims at eliminating the toxins and microbial contamination.
This treatment is utilized to conserve the teeth which would otherwise need to be eliminated. But, a dental treatment is just one of the scariest experiences for many people which compel them to avoid dental visits. A normal web search and word of mouth can land you up to the best dental clinic in Delhi NCR.

Patients are concerned about three aspects before undergoing any treatment: PAIN, TIME and

 Root Canal Treatment
The success of Root Canal Treatment depends on 3-dimensional cleaning, shaping, and filling of the tooth.

PAIN: The whole treatment is performed under local anesthesia and is painless.

Every patient is prescribed a course of antibiotics and pain-killer for 3-5 days

to take care of post-operative discomfort. You can always resume work right

after the treatment.

Dental Root Canal Treatment - Dental Panache
Crown is needed after Root Canal Treatment to restore the strength, function, and appearance of teeth.

TIME: Root canal treatment can be completed in a single appointment, but multiple sessions may be required in pre-existing pain/infection. Root canal treated teeth are always followed by a crown/on lay to protect the underlying weakened tooth structure. We usually finish our cases in 3 appointments inclusive of crown placement lasting 45-60 minutes each.

COST: The cost of therapy varies widely across dental set-ups depending on the quality of ethical practice, expertise, and experience of the practitioner. Additionally; it is dependent upon the state of the teeth and underlying bone. Re-RCT (attempted on previously failed treatment) is more expensive in general. While you may be tempted to
get the treatment completed in less cost, always look for VALUE for MONEY.

It is highly recommended to visit a seasoned practitioner using best quality materials with strict sterilization protocols to ensure long-term success. Patients who refuse to go to the dentist to receive a root canal done, risk causing a great deal of damage to their mouth. For instance, one dentist may carry out the implant surgery, while another inserts the bridge by cutting adjacent natural teeth. Dental Panache team firmly believes
in minimal invasive Dentistry to preserve the natural tooth structure as long as possible.

Dentists think that the secret to a joyful life is the ideal smile and a wholesome mouth. It is highly recommended to get your oral screening done at least once a year. An expert dentist at Dental Panache emphasizes on Preventive Dentistry while examining the mouth to save your precious time and money. Naturally, practicing good dental hygiene is the surest approach to avoid having major dental issues in the very first spot.

In Conclusion
A root canal isn’t a new term for several people. Dental Panache team takes immense pride in using best materials and technology available to deliver the best possible results in minimum time with negligible pain/discomfort. We deliver best quality dental crowns fabricated from the best Laboratory in India with 10-15 year international warranty.