Relaxing First Dental Visit for Your Little Munchkins

Relaxing First Dental Visit for Your Little Munchkins

If you have been longing to see a Kids Dentist in Gurgaon for your child, let us help you in organizing a smooth and pleasant first Dental visit for your growing kid. Dental Panache offers you best specialist Dentists and feels at home environment to take away your worries of bringing your child to a dental clinic.


  • Complete tour of our dental office with introduction of the staff with your child
  • Discuss oral hygiene habits with demonstration of proper brushing technique

  • Understand dietary habits of the child and intervene with sugar intake

  • Click a few pictures of the mouth to look for bugs in teeth

  • Cleaning of mouth with water jet and metal tips

  • A comprehensive checkup may include taking digital X-rays to determine status of developing teeth

  • Intervene with oral habits like thumb sucking, mouth breathing etc.

  • Preventive fluoride therapy to prevent decay

  • A six monthly visit is encouraged to promote a positive routine and promptly treat any developing problems.


Why choose us?

  • Specifically designed fun and inviting environment for children
  • Lush green garden retreat with variety of plants and flowers

  • Photo booth for our little munchkins with clay animals around

  • Sensitive to special health care needs

  • Caring compassionate staff and fun welcoming environment create a stress-free visit

  • Post-visit rewards to encourage positive and cooperative behavior

  • Flexible appointment scheduling at your convenient hours

  • Conveniently located in the heart of Gurgaon with ample parking facilities

Providing the best dental care for your child is our top priority and we would love to be your DENTAL HOME. We see children of every age group, so call us to schedule an office tour and a relaxing meet and greet appointment. Regular visits by children with special needs are most welcome at our dental clinic as they are more susceptible to teeth problems.

Let’s work hand in hand to preserve the health of your child’s teeth and gums for creating a beautiful smile that lasts for a lifetime. Contact our dental clinic at Gurgaon today to schedule your appointment at 7290073613. We look forward to being an invaluable asset to your child’s dental health management.