Regenerative Dentistry: Is it Possible to Restore and Regenerate Teeth Tissue?

Regenerative Dentistry: Is it Possible to Restore and Regenerate Teeth Tissue?

Several technological advancements have been taking place that have also improved medical services. Medical science and technology have introduced innovations that have made our lives easier and helped us to restore our health. When it comes to oral health, most of us must be aware of the new leaps in medical science that can help us restore damaged or broken teeth. Regenerative dentistry is the recent advancement in dentistry that is revolutionizing clinical therapies. It is a multidisciplinary field that uses a new technology based on material science and tissue engineering to restore and regenerate teeth. It will help us repair and sustain damaged teeth for a long time. We must understand the developments in dentistry to avail of the services for future requirements.

Understanding Regenerative Dentistry

Regenerative dentistry means how medical practitioners can design different dental therapies to help restore, repair, and regenerate damaged dental tissues. It is a restorative procedure that allows you to regrow your teeth. Researchers worldwide have been working on stem cells for years and hope to find properties of the stem cells that can help regrow teeth. Regenerative dentistry is a process by which bioengineered tissues replace biological tissues. Using a laser in small low powers has helped activate dental stem cells in the new technology. This advancement makes it possible to provide less expensive treatment for treating dental diseases and damaged teeth in patients. Since this process is still in its early stages, not all clinics in India will offer the service. It is also recommended that you understand how the regeneration of the teeth is carried out and what are the uses and consequences.

Importance and Uses of Laser Dentistry

Regenerative Dentistry

Lasers have been used in dentistry for almost two decades and can be used to treat many problems. Laser dentistry has been used primarily as a cutting or vaporizing instrument. It is used in teeth whitening and, most recently, regenerative processes. The main uses of laser dentistry are :

  1. Teeth whitening Lasers are used for dental whitening procedures as they can finish the job in less time. A bleaching solution applied to the teeth is activated using laser energy, providing incredible speed and a better whitening process.

  2. Biopsy – Lasers are beneficial in removing a tiny amount of flesh or a part of a tissue that needs to go in for a biopsy for the examination of cancer.

  3. Tooth and Gum disease Lasers have helped remove damaged teeth and introduce filling into teeth. It helps to reshape the gums and also remove bacteria. There are many procedures where lasers can be used. The main advantages are that it causes less pain and the patient will not need anesthesia. There is hardly any bleeding, and post-operative healing is very prompt and smooth.


Laser and Regenerative dentistry are crucial medical and technological advancements that can help us better our health conditions. Contact your nearest dental clinic and find out if they offer the services. Understand the pros and cons of the services and get a thorough treatment and diagnosis from your doctor. It will now be possible to sustain the health of your teeth for a long time. However, these treatments will only work if you carry out your healthy habits to maintain good health for a happy life.