Post Root Canal Treatment Restoration

Every dentist is frequently hounded by this question- Why do I need a cap after root canal treatment? From the patient’s perspective, you just won the battle of overcoming the fear of Root canal Treatment and successfully completing the same. Yet, its not over yet! More time needs to be spent on the dental chair with added expense on a dental crown. Let’s clear all your doubts and provide the right guidance to preserve the Root Canal Treated Teeth!


Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is usually done when the tooth is already weakened by decay or trauma. Some amount of tooth structure must be sacrificed to gain proper access to root canals for proper cleaning and disinfection. The remaining tooth structure is not strong enough to sustain biting forces and hence coverage becomes imperative. American Academy of Endodontics mandates cuspal coverage of all root canal treated teeth to prolong their life and avoid fracture under undue stresses. Dental Panache, Gurgaon Dental Clinic, offers following options for rehabilitation of such teeth:

1- CONVENTIONAL CAP/CROWN: A cap provides complete coverage to remaining weakened tooth structure, but it involves reducing the tooth in size by roughly 1.5-2mm from all sides to accommodate the crown. Following are the types of crown usually recommended:

  • PORCELAIN FUSED TO METAL (PFM)- It has metal inside and tooth colored porcelain on the outer surface which inevitably chips over a period revealing the black metal underneath. The cost typically varies between Rs. 3000-6000.
  • FULL CERAMIC CROWN- Zirconia is the material of choice in back teeth because it is light in weight, strong and esthetic. Less amount of tooth preparation is needed to accommodate this crown and the cost typically varies between Rs. 7000-15000.

2- TABLE TOP ONLAY: With advent of minimally invasive dentistry, emphasis is put on preserving maximum healthy tooth structure. Onlay mainly involves covering the biting surface of teeth and existing missing tooth surface. This precisely involves only reducing the top chewing area of teeth with minimal preparation of damaged areas thereby saving all your unaffected tooth. Emax is used for fabrication and fixed with special cements. The cost typically varies between 8000-12000. Dr. Shefali Sood highly recommends onlays to her patients!


Esthetics is paramount while dealing with front teeth and solely dictates the fate of affected tooth since chewing load is marginal on anterior teeth. Dr. Shefali Sood, renowned Cosmetic Dentist in Gurgaon recommends the following modalities

1- CROWN: Crowns are usually recommended in fracture cases, extensive decayed teeth or major alignment issue. We only recommend Emax crowns in front teeth for best esthetics. Zirconia crown may be used to mask underlying discoloured natural tooth. This involves overall tooth reduction and the cost ranges from 7000-15000.

2- VENEER: Emax Veneers are our personal favourite in restoring front teeth post Root Canal Treatment. Veneers are thin natural appearing shells bonded on facial surface of teeth to mimic adjacent ones in the arch. Veneers require only 180-degree reduction of tooth surface and are excellent in improving tooth colour, shape and size, minor alignment correction. The cost typically varies between 8000-12000.

Proper restoration of Root canal treated teeth is equally important to enhance their longevity. Dental Panache has partnered with best dental labs in the country to ensure superior quality of crowns and veneers so that your one-time investment is worth it! Book an appointment at +917290073613!

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