Oral Health and the Importance of Dental Clinics

Oral Health and the Importance of Dental Clinics

The oral health status in developing countries has been highly researched. Reports show a huge disparity between urban and rural populations concerning healthcare. This difference only increases as the rural population needs proper access to dental healthcare, especially dental clinics. Health is a fundamental right for all individuals in India, which mainly ensures; physical, mental, and social well-being.

A study conducted in Gurgaon by WHO showed that 65% of the population suffered from periodontal diseases, and 46% suffered from malocclusion.

Gurgaon Oral Health Care

The dental healthcare needs, according to the study conducted, showed that in this particular area, there was a high requirement for clinics. A dental clinic in Gurgaon can reduce the gap between the rural and urban areas. Dental problems can become chronic and destroy a person’s life by damaging vital organs. Therefore, ensuring everyone has access to a clinic to register themselves for regular treatment is crucial. Here are some insights on Gurgaon:

Gurgaon is approximately 1215 Km2 of Haryana state and is divided into four zones. It has a population of 151 4084, according to the 2011 census.

The rural population is about 31.18% of the total population, and there is a vast disparity in all healthcare between urban and rural people.

The research recommended specific insights after the analysis of the state. It looked at the dental clinics already existing in the government-established sectors. The analysts suggested that the clinics be upgraded and the workforce increase.

Importance of Dental Clinics

Going to a dental clinic in Gurgaon can help you in many ways compared to going to an isolated dental office with only the doctor present.

  1. Services – A dental clinic will have more benefits, and you will not have to look any other way to get what you need. For example, after the diagnosis, a doctor may ask you to get x-rays then a dental clinic will have the facilities for you.

  2. Costs – In most cases, dental clinics will provide a package service that includes all sorts of x-rays, surgery, and appointments. This will reduce the overall cost and make it reasonable for you to get the treatments.

  3. Surgery – If you require surgery in your mouth, you must visit the clinic as the specialists present will have the facilities and the surgeon. Especially when it comes to pediatric dentistry, which may require implants, dental clinics are the best way to get these treatments without incurring any risks.

  4. Scheduling – With a dental clinic, there is more flexibility as you will get different hours, times, and dates to schedule appointments. The other professionals with expertise in their fields can help you with your problems.

Going to a Dentist in Gurgaon

Dentist in Gurgaon

Going to a dentist in Gurgaon might be daunting if this is your first time. However, clinics like Dental Panache can make it easier for you as they have all the facilities and are experienced to make you comfortable. Do your research regarding the clinics and ensure they provide the services you need in the future. Register as soon as possible so there are no problems during an emergency. Get to know your doctor and the clinic before you make a decision.


Visit your dentist in Gurgaon and register yourself for the cleaning. The dentist will recommend different processes to help you maintain your oral health without any issues. Having a healthy lifestyle and confidence in yourself includes having excellent oral health. It is up to you to take the first step.