Must Have Oral Habits to Lead a Healthy Life

Must Have Oral Habits to Lead a Healthy Life

If you have not been consistent with oral hygiene over the years and are now interested in improving your routine, we have good news: you can! To get there, you first need to focus on building that new habit – once achieved, people tend to perform tasks automatically based on contextual cues. Identify realistic goals, work towards your teeth treatment, try to reach them simultaneously every day for 10 weeks, and track your success. Regardless of your oral hygiene habits in the past, it’s never too late to start over with these five simple habits for a healthy mouth.

  1. Brushing is the first thing FOR BREAKFAST – One of the healthy mouth habits that would not only help you keep your teeth clean but help in addressing grave issues and even help in Teeth Treatment is Brushing your teeth as soon as you wake up. It is nice to have a fresh mouth at the start of the day. Brushing your teeth will kill all the bacteria that has built up overnight and give you a fresh breath.

    TIP: Rinse with mouthwash 30 minutes after breakfast to refresh. Swish with water thoroughly after meals to remove food remnants.

  2. Set a timer for 2 MINUTES
    Set a timer for 2 MINUTES
    Many people brush their teeth regularly but don’t brush long enough to remove plaque effectively. Set a timer for 2 minutes each time you brush your teeth to ensure you brush for the full recommended time window.

    TIP: Make brushing your teeth expected by listening to a song, watching the news, or watching a podcast.

  3. Scrape your tongue TWICE A DAY – After brushing your teeth, you can use a tongue scraper to get a fresh odor free mouth. Scraping your tongue gently to remove plaque can help eliminate bacteria that might otherwise end up on your teeth. Flossing every night will also help you stay ahead of the bacteria game.

    TIP: Tongue scraping can help ward off bad breath, as can dental floss.

  4. Avoid sodas and USE A STRAW – If you must drink sugary drinks like soda, try using a straw to prevent the drink from falling on your teeth. It’s best to avoid sugary drinks altogether, as the consumption of sugary drinks is associated with health problems ranging from tooth decay to increased mortality.

    TIP: Make it easier to grab a straw by keeping reusable metal straws in your kitchen utensil drawer, car, and office.

  5. Crumble those vegetables and FIND A FAVORITE

    Dietary guidelines by the Kids’ Dentist in Gurgaon suggest that it is advised to eat 5 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables every day as a change in their diet to make it balanced and healthy. And choosing veggies that are crunchy and consuming them regularly can help keep your mouth healthy. Chewing stimulates the production of saliva, which acts as a natural mouthwash.

    TIP: Choose a favorite raw vegetable like carrots and keep it in the regular snack rotation.