Loose Shaky Baby Teeth : Worry No More!

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Loose Shaky Baby Teeth : Worry No More!

We all know that the baby teeth fall off eventually to create space for the permanent ones. As a parent, it is extremely important to understand the pattern of fall and eruption in order to maintain a healthy milk tooth standing tall till its stipulated time. The sheer ignorance of parents about the life span of baby teeth make them neglect proper care and correction of rotten ones. The first permanent tooth which erupts in the mouth is lower first molar that appears behind the last milk tooth in the jaw and remains most vulnerable to dental decay due to early arrival and inadequate cleaning of mouth. Existing milk teeth are sequentially replaced by incisors, canine and premolars upto 12 years of age.

Time to kickstart with all Tooth Fairy stories and videos to make the transition smoother and fun for your children. Just as getting teeth wasn’t easy for your kids, losing them will also be dragged with prolonged episodes of turmoil. Lower front teeth are usually the first ones to fall out around 6 years of age. Every child reacts differently to the situation and letting wobbly teeth fall off naturally is always IDEAL! Your child is the best bet on removing their loose teeth by estimating correct timing and managing their discomfort levels. Let’s throw some light on possible solutions to wiggle tooth out painlessly and naturally:

  • TONGUE MOVEMENT: Encourage your kid to press the tongue against the mobile teeth regularly to loosen the grasp.

  • FINGER ASSISTANCE: Ask the child to keep moving the tooth back and forth with his/her finger while watching TV to loosen the grip of connective tissue. Once it is hanging in the air, a slight outward pull is enough to remove the tooth with minimal pain or bleeding.

  • CRUNCHY FOOD: Give your children raw uncut carrot, apple, pear to chew to enable further loosening of the teeth with time. Sometimes, the tooth pops out while biting on something crunchy without a flinch!

  • TOPICAL NUMBNESS: TIMING IS THE KEY! If the tooth is not loose enough, it is best advised to wait. If the tooth is sufficiently wobbly and the child is too scared to apply force on it, rub some topical anaesthetic gel on the concerned area and leave it for about 10 minutes. You can also try using flavoured Ice Golas to help in numbing the area. Use a clean piece of gauge to grab the tooth and use a gentle twist and pull to remove the tooth. If it refuses to come out easily, please consult a dentist!

  • DENTAL VISIT: Do not procrastinate a dental visit if you spot extra set of teeth behind the milk teeth. Milk teeth are lost owing to root resorption due to growth of permanent ones underneath them. If they appear in a different location, immediate extraction of milk teeth is advised (even though they are not loose) to create space and enable shifting of permanent teeth. Even in normal cases, if a child/parent is perturbed about mobile teeth, visit a dental surgeon to avoid further agony!

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