Let’s Get Wiser About Wisdom Teeth!

Let’s Get Wiser About Wisdom Teeth!

The abundant ignorance around third molar problems has compelled me to address this intricate issue affecting a huge section of population between the age of 17-35 years. Wisdom teeth are the last ones to appear in the mouth ranging from one to maximum four in number erupting in spurts and DEFINITELY making its presence felt! Evolution has left us estranged with smaller jaw sizes indicating lesser space available for erupting third molars making them a nuisance maker!


  • Toothache
  • Pain radiating all the way to the neck, ear, head etc.
  • Limited mouth opening
  • Gum soreness with redness, bleeding and inflammation
  • Cheek bite
  • Change in teeth alignment
  • Caries in adjacent natural teeth
  • Difficulty in maintaining oral hygiene
  • Cyst formation
  • Crooked wisdom teeth cause bite problems


It is absolutely necessary to get X-ray done (either locally or full mouth X-ray) to analyze the angulation and growth pattern of the third molar. The dentist examines your mouth and X-ray to determine the fate of the tooth. If your tooth is not blocked out by surrounding bone or teeth, it may eventually pop out after few painful episodes. However, impacted third molars can cause repeated episode of extreme pain and discomfort and demand timely management.

X-ray wisdom teeth - Dental Panache



If you are appalled by numerous scary stories about removing wisdom teeth, let us hand hold you through the journey. Dentistry has proudly progressed towards painless procedures by administering local anesthesia as smoothly as possible. Once the numbness kicks in, you usually do not feel the entire segment of your jaw for about 3-4 hours. The duration and level of difficulty of the process depends on the position and angulations of the third molar. After giving incisions in your gum, usually the third molars are taken out in sections by drilling the bone surrounding the tooth. You definitely don’t feel any pain but the pressure and drilling noise is perceptible. It typically takes about 15-30 minutes to extract one wisdom tooth and we only recommend removing maximum two of them that too on the same side (either right or left to preserve chewing efficacy from the opposite side). Stitches are usually given in case of lower molars which are usually removed after 5-7 days.


Immediately post extraction, you are requested to press upon a gauge piece to arrest bleeding for about 45 mins followed by bingeing on your favorite ice cream. Cold packs are advised for the first 24 hours along with soft, bland and cold food. Tea bags can be pressed against the site to avoid oozing of blood. Avoid brushing, rinsing, excessive talking or spitting during the first 24 hours. Warm saline rinses are started the next day and continued for about 2 weeks multiple times a day. You are usually prescribed antibiotics, painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs for smoother recovery. Usually soreness, swelling and restricted mouth opening are common challenges during the first 2-3 days which gradually improves with time. Total recovery time depends on the complexity of the situation, skill of the oral surgeon and post operative care regimen.

Wisdom tooth problem is a relatively common occurrence and the dentists will always advice you to get it pulled out in order to protect your remaining teeth and preserve your healthy smile. Your decision making should be always based on one time discomfort vs recurrent problems arising due to the presence of third molars.

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