Know how food and drinks have a direct impact on your dental health

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Know how food and drinks have a direct impact on your dental health

Oral health is all about keeping your teeth and gums healthy, maintaining proper oral hygiene, and keeping dental infections at bay. But with the lifestyle of today and the kind of food and drinks we have, our teeth are impacted and many times in a bad way.

The dentist always suggests that you should avoid sugary foods, stay away from aerated drinks, and include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. But seldom do we listen. And in the end, it all results in tooth pain, gum infection, and tooth infections. So, here are some tips on what foods and drinks you should include in your diet, and which ones should you eliminate from your diet. As the best dentist in Gurgaon, Dental Panache aims to provide unmatched quality and a superior experience to its clients



What types of food and drinks to avoid?

Any food or drink that’s high in sugar should be avoided. Candies, chocolates, packaged juices, aerated drinks, etc. all increase the plaque build-up on your teeth. Hard candies can do further damage to your teeth by chipping them. Some other foods that have high sugar content include – cakes, cookies, breakfast cereal, frozen yogurts, etc. Also, try and avoid fizzy drinks as they can damage your teeth in the long run.

You can switch to healthier options like protein bars, gluten-free vegan chocolate, sugar-free yogurts, green tea, etc. Ask your dentist in Gurgaon to suggest you a diet plan that’s most suitable as per your dental care needs.


What types of food and drinks to include in your diet?

When the doctor says that you should have a healthy balanced diet, you should listen to him/her. Make sure you get all essential nutrients from your diet like vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, and carbohydrates.


Best food and drinks for your teeth

  • Calcium-rich foods – cheese, milk, plain yogurt, and other dairy products
  • Green and black teas
  • Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables
  • Foods enriched with fluoride
  • Sugarless chewing gum

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Talk to your dentist about the kind of food and drinks you should eat or not eat, and certain lifestyle changes that you can incorporate to make your oral health better. Trust Dental Panache, the best dentist in Gurgaon to give you genuine advice and best service.