Invisible Braces: You Knew Everything about Braces, Except This!

Invisible Braces: You Knew Everything about Braces, Except This!

Traditional metal braces look unattractive and often make individuals conscious about their looks. But thanks to medical advancements that traditional braces have now been replaced by invisible braces. Invisible braces have become popular across people. They are a short-term orthodontic system that is far better looking than the traditional braces. Invisible braces are easily available at dental clinics and come in 3 variants:

There are three types of invisible braces in Gurgaon to choose from:

  • Ceramic
  • Lingual
  • Clear aligners

Let us learn more about invisible braces in Gurgaon:

  • Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are less visible and are better than traditional braces. They use wires and brackets that are clear, whereas traditional braces have metal brackets that look odd. The ceramic braces, also known as cosmetic braces, take an average of 10-18 months to attain great results. They are typically used to resolve the esthetic issues with front teeth and require monthly visits to the dental clinic.

Ceramic braces are also known as the tieless orthodontic systems such as DAMON Clear, which uses archwire technology. It is used to move up to 6 months faster than the traditional braces. They are a bit expensive, but the dentists often come up with some eye-catching discounts for the wearers.

  • Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are made of plastic material that fits perfectly. They are lightweight and removable. The total duration of treatment depends on the extent of change desired and the patient’s compliance. It takes 6-18 months to complete the straightening procedure. They are invisible and come without braces or wires. They are taken out easily while having meals and wearers can perform regular oral hygiene without any hurdle. That simply shows that there are no restrictions on eating any sort of food item during this time.

There are a few disadvantages of clear aligners – invisible braces:

  1. They are more expensive than traditional braces
  2. They can be stained easily if not taken care of
  3. Wearers can lose the aligners as they are costly to replace
  4. Lingual Braces

The third invisible brace are called lingual braces. Lingual braces use a bracket and wire system to align teeth and repair bite problems. They are placed on the back of the teeth rather than the front. Both adults and juveniles can use them as they can treat many alignment issues that short-term ceramic braces can do. However, there is constant irritation on the tongue and a lot of food restrictions to maintain the assembly.

How to search for the best Invisible Braces In Gurgaon?

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