Flash Your Precious Pearlies – Whiter and Brighter than Ever

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Flash Your Precious Pearlies – Whiter and Brighter than Ever

The Big Fat Indian Wedding has become a norm rather than an exception. It is definitely one of the most photographed events of your lifetime. It is an emotional roller coaster ride of minute detailing in the venue, décor, food arrangements, couture, photoshoot, invitations, and the list goes on and on. You leave no stone unturned to put the best foot forward and take months preparing for one gala event. Amidst the wedding frenzy, we want to ensure that you charm everyone with your genuine blissful smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry before the wedding season Dental visits are no longer a painstaking ordeal. Our practice is usually flooded with a lot of queries about Cosmetic Dentistry right before the wedding season. Owing to the time crunch, usually more invasive and expensive treatment options have to be undertaken. Dr. Shefali Jain Sood recommends a minimum six-month window for major teeth alignment issues and six weeks for minor corrections and teeth whitening protocols.

The various treatment options can be opted for to enhance your natural smile:

  1. Basic cleaning and polishing of teeth is recommended twice a year for removing stain and tartar Visit your dentist to understand proper oral hygiene regimen and prevent bad breath
  2. Teeth whitening for a sparkling smile. We do not recommend OTC products without professional consultation
  3. Composite fillings for instantly correcting gaps, minor cracks or modifying shape or size of teeth
  4. Ceramic veneers for smile correction by emphasising on upper and lower front six teeth
  5. Accelerated orthodontic treatment for correcting natural teeth alignment with ceramic braces (Minimum six months needed)
  6. Clear Aligners to rectify teeth malposition without braces/wires ( Time consuming and expensive)
  7. Tooth Jewellery ( like a Swarovski crystal ) is glued usually on a Right canine tooth to add extra bling to your smile. It can be safely removed again whenever desired unlike a permanent tattoo
  8. Correction of gummy smile or depigmentation with dental lasers

Bride and groom, friends, and family- Visit Dental Panache for Bespoke Dental Experience.

Contact the practice on 7290073613 or smile@dentalpanache.com to begin the journey towards your dream smile. Alternatively, visit the websites- www.dentalpanache.com