Here’s how you can have straight teeth without braces

Here’s how you can have straight teeth without braces

India Times News recently posted that preventive care is largely ignored in India.

According to a survey by the press, Indians go to the dentist only 3 to 4 times in their lifetime.

In India, many companies also provide services at home, which can be dangerous and reduce oral health and hygiene. However, this is convenient for people who are among the elderly or face physical issues. Many treatments should only be provided in the clinic where there is a regulation, and doctors monitor what is happening with the help of scans and other diagnoses. According to the report, Covid has impacted how people look at the practice of dentistry. However, in the last three years, the report says that one aspect of the service has stayed the same: dental aligners.

Dental Aligners market in India

Tooth aligners can help to transform a person’s smile and re-adjust teeth to the jawline. This is important to increase confidence in a person and help them adjust to their social life. These aligners can be invisible, and a person can go about their everyday life without even being conscious of their aligners. The growth of clear aligners is projected to rise in India. These aligners are very straightforward when providing braces treatment to patients. Across the globe, billion-dollar companies offer many different kinds of aligners in the UK and the USA. A lot of private money is being introduced into the business. In India, in the same way, these dental aligners have made an impact among the population where young people are increasingly turning to get these aligners to transform their smile.

Teeth Aligners and cost in India


In India, teeth aligners which also come as clear aligners, are an alternative to traditional braces used to correct the alignment of your teeth. It is always suggested to use aligners early as your teeth grow in your jaw and adjust to the shape. These aligners do not have any extra metal wires or brackets that may make you uncomfortable. These aligners are easy to wear and easy to take care of so that you can maintain oral hygiene. This is the best way to get straight teeth as you grow older. If you’re living in Gurgaon, you can visit Dental Panache, the top-class dental clinic that offers several services to help you maintain oral health. They have dental clinicians and doctors who can give you a proper diagnosis after carrying out tests so that you get the best possible solutions to your problems. According to many reports, the market for teeth aligners is growing; therefore, you can find many brands in this category. The doctor will advise you on the best possible quality and brand you can choose.

The teeth aligner cost in India can begin from 50,000 and go up to more than a lakh.

The treatment also depends on your condition and the type of aligners you will be most comfortable wearing. Trust your doctor and get the desired treatment as soon as possible to transform your smile.


Dental aligners are the best way to change your teeth’ alignment in an inconspicuous way. It will help you in improving your confidence and expand your friend circle. Visiting your dentist as soon as possible is recommended so that you get a diagnosis fast which will assist your teeth in growing in the correct direction.