Five Common Surgery for Teeth Owing to Poor Dental Routine

Five Common Surgery for Teeth Owing to Poor Dental Routine

We want a beautiful smile and eat well. What we ignore is dental hygiene. As a result, people can undergo surgery for teeth. Did you know that several dental surgery options are available, depending on your problem type? Even when you look for an emergency dentist near me and check with the dentist, they will tell you about those surgeries at length. If you have been wondering if you need to go for surgery or not, this blog gives you an idea of what you should be prepared for. Read on and learn about them.

Five surgeries for teeth – 

  1. Dental Implants: Titanium implants are a substitute for missing teeth and may last longer than other surgeries for teeth. In this method, the root of a patient’s tooth goes through a replacement. One needs to replace the root for many reasons before the new tooth gets its secure place in the jaw. Some significant reasons for tooth loss are diabetes, smoking, drinking alcohol, accident, unhealthy food habits, etc. Oral cancer can be one of the biggest reasons for dental implants.

  2. Root canal: Root canal surgery is one of the most common surgeries for teeth in humans. As a result of tooth decay, one may suffer from toothache, which aggravates by temperature change or in a lying down position. A root canal is the most convenient way of getting rid of that pain. There is no denying the fact that pain in the tooth can be annoying, as it impacts your eating process, thereby making you feel weak. When you search for an emergency dentist near me and tell me your problem, they will take the necessary X-rays and guide you appropriately.

  3. Cosmetic surgery for teeth: As the name suggests, cosmetic surgery is something to do with enhancing beauty. This method of surgery for teeth is not mandatory. It is a procedure that people like to go for to enhance how their jawline and smile appear. Another name for this surgery is a smile makeover. One of the expected smile makeovers includes gum contouring. Teeth shaping, jaw enhancement, lip fillers, etc., are included in cosmetic surgery.

  4. Reconstruction: Accidents can happen, and no one can be prepared for them. At times, owing to these accidents, people undergo facial damage. People break their jaw, teeth, etc., making them vulnerable to face the mirror. Thanks to the advancement in the field of dental science that people with this trauma can always go for reconstructive surgery for teeth. These surgeries go a long way in making them feel better by improving their appearance. Orthognathic surgeries can be performed to correct the jaw position to alleviate TMJ disorders or general esthetics. This process is slightly expensive and requires more time to heal.

  5. Tooth extraction: There are times when a tooth plays no role in your mouth. The only way out is to extract those teeth. Out of all the teeth, tooth extraction happens commonly for the wisdom tooth. Dentists suggest removing the wisdom tooth causing issues in your daily routine. Surgical tooth extraction is involved when the third molar is rotated or stuck in the bone.

Wrap Up

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