Eye-opening oral health facts by Dental Panache Experts

Eye-opening oral health facts by Dental Panache Experts

From demineralization to severe tooth decay, lack of oral care can bring an array of dental problems that might become difficult to cure at a later stage. Know the dangers of poor oral care and how it can be prevented.

Dental Panache, a boutique dental clinic, is one of the best dental clinics in Gurgaon. From a range of general, preventive, cosmetic and dental surgery related services, they’ve everything to suffice basic to serious dental needs of people. Here are some interesting pieces of information on why’s and what’s of oral care that will help you understand your teeth and their care better. Read on…

teeth careWhy our teeth so important?

While we find eating pretty convenient and simple, it comes with a lot of responsibility to understand how our teeth perform different functions of chewing and pronouncing different sounds clearly. A healthy smile is a great asset that needs to be taken care of well.

What are the repercussions of poor oral care?

poor oral careFrom basic tooth decay, tooth-aches, swelled gums to severe oral problems like tooth infection causing an abscess, poor oral care can result in any kind of oral diseases. Treating these problems can be painful, expensive and time-consuming. In cases of severe dental problems, your dentist might remove the teeth or fill the gaps with crowns, bridges or implants. These problems can be prevented with proper care; that includes routinely cleaning of teeth, regular cleaning sessions and timely check-ups to be in the pink of health. Our team of Dental surgeons in India are known to perform surgeries with minimal invasions and marginal pain, with complete post-treatment assistance for faster recovery.

How to keep my teeth healthy?

Keeping teeth healthy is no rocket science, in fact it can be practiced with minimal and routinely care. Just follow these tips-

  1. keep my teeth healthy tipsBrush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste- we’ve been taught this since childhood, but how many us really follow this? If you can’t brush your teeth at night, at least make sure to brush it twice a day (may be early evening)
  2. Brush correctly- once you’ve brushed your teeth properly, spit it instead of rinsing it with water. This will allow the fluoride to stay for longer on the teeth providing longer protection. Various kids’ dentists in Gurgaon teach their patients (adults and kids) effective and easy techniques for better cleansing results.
  3. Use floss at least once a day- cleaning between the teeth is very important for maintaining quality and strength of teeth. If not twice, make sure to use a dental floss or interdental brushes at least once a day.
  4. Watch your eating habits- frequent consumption of sugary and carbonated items like beverages, cakes and ice creams can create a lasting damage to your teeth and their strength. Tooth-decaying bacteria in mouth feasts on sugar and sugary items like carbohydrates and drinking carbonated drinks can significantly affect your teeth by creating acid on the layer of teeth for further damage. Try to keep away from such foods and in case you consumer those, ensure you rinse your mouth thoroughly with water post consumption.
  5. See your dentist regularly- At times, teeth problems occur when the damage is beyond the control and might be a result of less care or negligence. To avoid such situations, keep a check on your teeth by visiting your dentist at least once in six months. This will help you keep your teeth safe and check for symptoms of disease, if any. Dental Panache, renowned as one of the Best dental clinics in Gurgaon is one-stop-destination for all oral problems for kids and adults. It offers painless treatments at most-competitive prices.