Emergency dental services and best orthodontist in Gurgaon

Emergency dental services and best orthodontist in Gurgaon

Dental care is such an important part of healthcare. A lot of times people don’t pay attention to it, but these days people are being more aware of taking care of their teeth.

If you’re worried about emergency dental services and want to know where to go for a dental emergency, then Dental Panache is the one-stop solution. It is one of the leading dental clinics in Gurgaon and offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and amazing services.

Where to go for a dental emergency?

A dental emergency can happen anytime and anywhere. Severe tooth pain, not being able to recover properly after a dental procedure, or dental accidents can happen. During the time of emergency, you need an expert who you can totally rely upon. Dental Panache is an expert dental clinic in Gurgaon and has been known to provide the best dental care services for years. If you search for the best dental clinic for brace near me in Gurgaon, the top result will be Dental Panache.

Here are some situations that need immediate emergency dental care.

  • Teeth injury

Teeth injury or fracture can occur in an accident or on the playing field. Whether it is an adult or a child, tending to teeth injury in an immediate manner is the best recommendation. The sooner the treatment starts, the better it is.

At Dental Panache there is a team of expert orthodontists who ensure that you get the best care. The use of the latest technology and high-class tools ensures that the treatment you get is world-class. If you have a dental emergency in Gurgaon, the first name to consider is Dental Panache.

  • Severe tooth pain

Tooth pain is so uncomfortable that it can leave you in tears. There are various reasons for tooth pain – root canal, tooth infection, gum diseases, cavities, etc. Each pain is of a different kind and only an expert can help you relieve the pain.

If you feel the tooth pain is unbearable, it is best to visit an emergency dental clinic. The dentist will prescribe an immediate painkiller and will schedule a procedure to make sure that your pain is reduced and your tooth is saved. If you wear braces and want to know about the best dental clinic for braces near me, then Dental Panache is an expert choice.

  • Dislocated jaw

Sudden inability to close your mouth after a wide yawn, opening your mouth excessively, or due to jaw dislocation can be so painful that you don’t want to imagine it also. The mere thought of it makes people uncomfortable. That’s why it is best to know where to go for a dental emergency so that in case of an emergency you don’t panic and head straight to the expert.

Precautions while wearing/ having braces

Braces are one of the traditional ways to correct the appearance of teeth and also correct overbite. While traditional metal braces are best suitable for all ages, with the advent of technology people have started opting for invisible braces. If you’re an adult who wears braces, here are some precautions you must take –

  • Brushing twice a day is recommended for adults, but when you wear braces ideally you should be brushing after every time you eat a meal. Food particles can get easily trapped in braces and you’re at a greater risk of developing dental problems.
  • If you cannot brush your teeth after every meal, try and at least thoroughly rinse your mouth.
  • Floss at least once a day. This will make sure you don’t have any food particles between your teeth and braces.
  • Watch what you eat and take your dentist’s word for it. Avoid sugary and sticky foods that can build up starch around the braces.
  • Don’t forget to go for regular check-ups and follow your dentist’s routine or lifestyle change if suggested.

Best orthodontist in Gurgaon

If you live in Delhi NCR and are looking for the best orthodontist in Gurgaon, then your search ends at Dental Panache. It is a boutique dental clinic that encapsulates dental care services for the entire family. The clinic offers ethical and quality implants, cosmetic dentistry services, kids dentistry services, and emergency dental care services.