Here is a small sneak peak into some of the common dental procedures that we perform. We sincerely encourage our patients to dedicate some time in grasping the required knowledge before commencing the treatment. While, we are always available to answer to all your queries, visual demonstrations always supersede verbal communication. An informed patient is less reluctant and more accommodating during the treatment. We have also posted a complete smile transformation journey of our patient to help you understand behind the scene affairs. Since we are extremely passionate about educating children at a tender age about importance of oral health, we have uploaded a short glimpse of oral awareness session in a school.

At Dental Panache, we happily spend a lot of time in educating our patients about the desired treatment procedure, steps involved and after care regimen. We firmly believe that the true success of the treatment can be achieved only by proper maintenance and stringent oral hygiene regimen. We want you to smile confidently because it has proven therapeutic health benefits like lower stress hormone levels, raised mood elevator hormonal levels, reduced blood pressure, boost in immune response etc. So, continue spreading the positive vibes and make an impactful appearance everyday with your powerful SMILE.

How we can help…

We offer a wide range of procedures to help you get the perfect smile.