Digital Implants- Paradigm Shift in Predictable Success

Digital Implants- Paradigm Shift in Predictable Success

Technology is disrupting every aspect of LIFE- Simplifying things, improving access, ensuring transparency and in general shrinking the World together. Tech-enabled Dentistry is the new buzzword empowering both Dentists and Patients to get predictable results.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are by far the best substitute of missing teeth anywhere in your mouth as it doesn’t involve hampering adjacent or opposite natural healthy teeth. A titanium screw is embedded in your bone to replace the root of the tooth, so dental implants are only visible on X-rays. Conventionally, the missing tooth is replaced by a crown (over the implant) after a span or 3-6 months to allow proper fusion of implant with surrounding bone. Traditional implant surgeries depend entirely on the expertise of the surgeon and involve deep gum incisions, stitches and inherent risks.

What happens in Digital Implant Surgery?

A 3D computer simulation of entire jaw enables DIGITALLY NAVIGATED IMPLANT SURGERY by giving deep insight in underlying bone condition, nerve position and relationship to important anatomical structures. This first hand information enables the dental surgeon to plan the surgery accurately with minimal intervention.


  1. CONSULTATION AND SCANS: We establish your implant goals by thorough intra-oral examination and recommend a cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scan of one/both jaws.
  2. IMPRESSIONS: The dentist takes upper and lower impression of your jaws to create a detailed 3D model of teeth. Intra-oral scanner can also be used.
  3. TREATMENT PLANNING: The optimal surgical plan is established by studying and co-relating the scans and teeth molds.
  4. SURGICAL GUIDE: CAD-CAM technology is used for 3D printing the surgical guide which is basically a fitted plastic aligner which seats in the mouth.

digital dental implant guide

  1. IMPLANT PLACEMENT: Implant type and dimensions (length and diameter) are pre-determined in this system with the aid of technology. The holes made in surgical guide dictates implant placement in accurate angulation and position without any incision. This precision eliminates the chances of nerve injury, sinus perforation or any other potential damage.


  • Minimally Invasive procedure involving smallest possible incision
  • Implants are placed in lesser duration due to precise  treatment planning
  • Speedy procedure with reduced chair-side time
  • Less painful compared to traditional methods
  • Significantly reduced bleeding during the procedure
  • Stitches are not required
  • Rare occurrence of post-operative swelling and/or infection
  • Speedy recovery with minimal discomfort
  • Enhanced levels of safety and accuracy with the aid of technology

Traditional Open Flap Surgery VS Minimally Invasive Surgery

If you are a candidate for dental implant, do consider DIGITAL DENTAL IMPLANT procedure conducted at Dental Panache, premier boutique Dental Clinic in Gurgaon. For any further queries regarding our dental implant services, please feel free to contact us at +917290073613. Dr. Shefali is dedicated toward providing ethical and quality dental services to help her patients achieve their best smile both in function and appearance.