Dental Perspective for Pregnant Women!

Dental Perspective for Pregnant Women!

WOMEN are the subject of Plethora of experiences: hormonal turbulence, drastic physical changes and emotional upsurges! PREGNANCY remains one of the most influential juncture in a women’s journey (Just after Marriage) demanding utmost care and attention.

As your dentist, it is imperative to emphasize on getting a dental clearance before planning your pregnancy, ensuring proper oral hygiene regimen during pregnancy and post partum.

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  1. TOOTH DECAY: Increased susceptibility to dental decay due to erratic eating habits and increased sugary intake

SOLUTION: Eat healthy food, replace sugar craving with natural fruits and rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating anything.

  1. GUM PROBLEMS: Gum diseases are common due to hormonal imbalances which are responsible for premature birth with low preterm birth weight. It may be restricted to swollen, bleeding gums or localized gum enlargement to deep gum pockets and underlying bone loss.

SOLUTION: Use antibacterial mouthwash and floss your teeth daily because plaque accumulation is greater around swollen gums

  1. EROSION: Loss of enamel due to acid attack during repeated bouts of vomiting or gastric reflux (Morning Sickness).

SOLUTION: Rinse your mouth with plain water immediately after vomiting. Avoid brushing your teeth for about 30-60 minutes after vomiting and use any alcohol free mouthwash.

  1. BAD BREATH: Elevated estrogen and progesterone levels lead to increased plaque accumulation and gum infections often responsible for bad breath. Calcium deficiency, dehydration and acid reflux also result in pungent smell.

SOLUTION: Go for professional cleaning and polishing of teeth in your second trimester, use sugar free mints, drink plenty of water and avoid smelly food.

  1. DRY MOUTH: Safely blame the hormones!

SOLUTION: Increase water intake and use sugar free gums/lozenges to stimulate salivary flow

  1. TEETH SENSITIVITY: Enamel erosion, decreased saliva flow and gum disease contribute to hot and cold sensitivity.

SOLUTION: Desensitizing toothpaste, topical gels and in-office desensitizing treatment

Is it safe to take Dental X-rays during pregnancy?

Dental X-rays need minimal dose and exposure time and yet should be taken only when necessary. The dentist should use a lead apron with thyroid collar to protect the pregnant lady.

dental health partner during your pragnancyCan I proceed with dental treatment during pregnancy?

If you are already expecting or planning to conceive, drop by a trustworthy dentist to avoid undue pain/stress during your crucial months. Dental treatment can be safely conducted during the second trimester.

Dental Panache team encourages regular dental scans to maintain/improve your oral health status. We would love to be your dental health partner during your crucial journey.