Dental Implants or Dental Bridges: What Should You Choose?

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Dental Implants or Dental Bridges: What Should You Choose?

Restorative dentistry has grown by leaps and bounds technologically and now missing tooth due to poor oral hygiene, diseases of the gum, or tooth injury is not much to worry about. A very common method adopted nowadays is Dental implants and Dental bridges for tooth replacement. Let’s walk through the possibilities it has to offer.

Dental Implants: It offers a strong foundation for permanent replacement or fixed tooth.  It essentially replaces tooth roots and makes them match natural teeth. There are several advantages to it:

1- It enhances your appearance.

2- It improves your oral health and your speech.

3- Gives you more confidence.

4- Gives you a better grip while biting.

5- It is convenient

6- Results last for long

Dental Bridges: It is used to close the gap between teeth caused due to missing tooth/teeth. Two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap make up the dental bridge. These anchoring teeth abutment teeth and the false tooth/teeth in between are called pontics. These dental bridges are supported by natural teeth or implants. It helps in restoring one’s smile and the ability to chew properly or speak. It also helps in maintaining the natural shape of one’s face and evenly distribute the pressure while biting and helps the remaining teeth to maintain their natural position.

Though both Dental Implants and Bridges appear to have similar advantages, Dental Implants are preferred more, due to the following reasons :

1- The jawbone shrinks in the area where a tooth is missing. It will affect the adjacent and surrounding teeth. Dental implants help in preserving the facial structure by preventing this and promoting bone growth.

2- Dental implants very much resemble one’s natural teeth in their feel and function. It is primarily because, the form, function, and durability of the tooth root are replicated by the titanium implants.

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3- In the case of Dental Implants, it does not require the need for many cleaning devices or equipment as there is no need for extra efforts for oral care. A simple floss is good enough to keep it clean. There is not much of a risk of tooth decay, unlike that in bridges.

4- Dental implants are fixed into the jawbones so that it helps to chew naturally, unlike that in Bridges where it is placed above the gums in the area of the missing tooth.  This provides support and protection to the jaw bone beneath the missing tooth, thus preventing bone loss which is a common problem with Dental Bridges. This also promotes the growth of bone and reinforces the jawbone, helping the face in retaining the jawline.

5- Generally, Dental Implants have a much higher success rate compared to Dental Bridges.

6- Dental Implants generally last for a lifetime. However, proper care should be taken as prescribed by the Dentist. There are many factors deciding it. The quality of the implant is of paramount importance, then the oral hygiene, bone health, and the skill and experience of the Dentist will decide on the life of the Dental Implant.

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