Dental Implant Surgery After Trauma

Dental Implant Surgery After Trauma

If you have been in any car accident or sports-related injuries resulting in teeth loss or any other problems with your teeth, you can visit your nearest dental clinic to get dental implants. These implants are the best way to restore health to your teeth. It is not only an accident that can result in the loss of teeth. Children also lose their teeth or break them in fights or while wrestling with a friend. These implants are a practical solution and technological advancement. It benefits the aesthetics and health of the individual.

Teeth Accidents and Second Chances

Saving a chipped or broken tooth can be very difficult as it requires reinserting into the mouth. This is easier for children as the doctor can re-implant a tooth knocked out, while it becomes more complicated in adults. This is because, in children, the tooth is still developing, and the structure of the tooth differs from that of an adult. Many nerve endings are sensitive and can easily be damaged if not correctly adjusted and aligned. In most cases, after accidents, the tooth is damaged beyond repair, and this is where dental implants can give you a second chance at bringing back that smile. Even if you have damaged your bone, you might get a dental implant without any bone graft or regeneration surgery. The implants are durable and feel and look like any other normal tooth. They are long-lasting and can last up to 50 years. The best part of these implants is that they don’t require any extra maintenance; therefore, you can forget about having this tooth and go on with your everyday life.

Dental Implants – Types and What Works Best

Dental Implants

If you’re residing in Delhi-NCR, you might want to research the types of dental implants you can get. The dental implant cost in Gurgaon varies according to the type of implant and the quality. There are three types of dental implants –

  1. Single implant – This is to replace a single tooth and requires a dental or medical surgeon to provide a custom plan for the patient. The doctor will use a post that will be placed on the jaw’s own, and using technology will be guided into place.

  2. Implant support bridge – This dental implant is about replacing several teeth. A dental bridge consists of two distinct crowns placed on either side of the missing tooth gap, and then an artificial tooth will be placed in the hole that the crowns will hold. An implant is connected to the peaks to support the dental implants.

  3. Implant retain denture – This happens when you need all your teeth replaced. Some patients find conventional dentures uncomfortable. An implant-supported denture can preserve the jawbone and prevent any kind of deterioration. These dentures also boost esteem and provide aesthetics. You will find it easy to speak and eat. These are comfortable and improve the overall health of patients. Part of these dangers is that the gums will absorb more force due to the bite.

Dental implants can be highly beneficial for patients who suffer from sleep apnea. The implant provides psychological benefits to the customer; they can wear these teeth while sleeping. The patient’s diet can return to normal as they support hard-to-chew foods. However, different patients and their habits should be considered while providing dental implants. The differences in dental implants can also dictate the diet. Consult a doctor before taking action.


Implants are a lifetime investment and can restore your health. If you are worried about the cost, remember that it is a one-time investment that will bring back the smile. Research dental implants cost in Gurgaon and make the best choice considering your health.