Dental Implant Benefits for You

Dental Implant Benefits for You

Have you been ignoring empty spaces in your mouth due to time constraint or cost factor? While you may feel the remaining teeth are sufficient for eating or speaking well, even a single lost tooth has the potential of hampering your entire bite. Dental Implants are one time investment to replace lost missing teeth and protect the remaining natural ones from drifting and tilting.Dental Implant Benefits for You

Dental Implant offer myriad benefits for overall enhancing your smile both in function and appearance.

Best Replacement of Natural Teeth:

The closest a dentist can offer to your natural tooth is hands down- DENTAL IMPLANT! A sound replacement involving both the root and crown portion of the teeth enables proper chewing from the affected side.

Enhanced Appearance:

Missing teeth may leave dark spaces in your SMILE. Get an instant smile makeover with life-like crowns attached over dental implants. Dental specialists design your teeth with precision in terms of shape, size and colour to mimic surrounding natural teeth.

Life Long Solution:

Good quality dental implants come with life-long warranty and perform seamlessly with regular maintenance sessions and good oral hygiene.

High Success Rate:

With advancement in technology and precision in approach, dental implants offer a success rate of more than 90-95%. Implants can be safely performed even in diabetics, medically compromised patients and low bone density cases after thorough case analysis using suitable implant systems.

Stable Adjacent and Opposing Natural Teeth:

One of the biggest advantages of Dental Implants is to simply fill the vacant space of missing teeth without disturbing the natural ones. Teeth have a tendency to shift towards empty spaces thereby disturbing the entire bite making replacement difficult with time. It can also lead to food lodgment.

Jawbone Protection:

Loss of teeth inevitably results in underlying bone loss in due course of time due to lack of stimulation by chewing forces. Dental Implants maintain the foundation of the tooth by replacing the root portion with titanium screws thereby maintaining bone density.

Anti-Ageing Mantra:

Reduction of bone mass with time eventually results in loss of facial architecture and sagging of skin. Typically there is drooping of face, wrinkled appearance, thinning of lips with a pointed chin. Dental Implants preserve underlying bone density and help you preserve the shape of your face.

Maintains Natural Speech:

Both missing teeth and other methods of teeth replacement like dentures can impact pronunciation of certain words. You can speak fluently with dental implants just like your natural teeth without any inhibition.

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