Dental Health Guidelines During Diwali and Wedding Season!

Dental Health Guidelines During Diwali and Wedding Season!

We perennially have a SWEET TOOTH during festivities and gala wedding affairs. While everyone else is endorsing desi ghee mithais, cakes and chocolates or serving out of the box desserts, the continuous SUGAR ATTACK may spoil the fun if kept unchecked!

Follow these simple tips and tricks to flaunt a sparkling smile while binging on savory sweets:

  1. dental careROUTINE DENTAL CARE WITHOUT FAILURE: The simplest thing to do is brushing twice daily, flossing and using an antibacterial mouthwash at least once a day. Most of us fail to stick to this simple regimen despite feeding ourselves to glory every possible hour of the day! You need to curb the plaque formation on a daily basis to prevent bacterial buildup and subsequent attack!
  2. SNACK SMART: YES, we know it is inevitable! But please try to restrict sweets or desserts during meal times. The most harmful sinners are in-between munchies because the sugar is stagnant in the mouth for a prolonged period allowing pH drop and active bacterial decay.WATER PLEASE
  3. WATER PLEASE: Ever noticed the amount of dehydration you feel after all the alcohol and mindless eating. Make water your best friend and keep sipping water at short intervals to neutralize the acids in your mouth. I actually recommend diluting your drinks with just WATER instead of your sugar-laden fizzy sodas.
  4. RINSE RINSE RINSE: Make it a habit to rinse your mouth thoroughly with water after every eating spree. Warm saline rinses are immensely helpful to maintain the health of gums.
  5. POST ALCOHOL CARE: POST ALCOHOL CAREMost alcoholic beverages, especially wine and beer, are acidic and prolonged exposure makes your teeth porous. Wait for at least an hour before brushing your teeth and use the only extra soft toothbrush with gentle pressure.
  6. AVOID TEETH IN PLACE OF DESIGNATED TOOLS: Spare an extra moment and get the desired tool to open a bottle, stripping electrical wires, tearing packaging etc. Your teeth may be strong enough but do not misuse them and suffer untimely chipping or an appointment
  7. SCHEDULE YOUR DENTAL APPOINTMENT: It is a wise decision to get dental clearance before major festivities, wedding or long distance travel to avoid dental emergencies. Visit Dental Panache in Gurgaon to invest in your SMILE and shine through every forthcoming gala event!
  8. SMILE DESIGNING: Fond of portrait mode on your phone? Eliminate minor/major discrepancies in your smile by our custom made solutions designed especially for you like teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, composite bonding, wireless clear aligners, dental implants etc. A healthy smile with properly aligned teeth can significantly improve your appearance including reversing aging signs. Specialists at Dental Panache, the best dental clinic in Gurgaon, practice minimally invasive esthetic dentistry partnering with best dental labs in India to give desired results in stipulated time frames.

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Do not allow dental soreness to woe away your festive fever. Let procrastination take a backseat and resolve your dental worries as soon as possible. Follow these few simple guidelines to keep a toothache at bay! Visit DENTAL PANACHE for free dental consultation until Diwali!

Wish you food laden and fun-filled DE-LIGHT-FUL DIWALI madness ahead!