Dental First Aid – How to Handle a Dental Emergency Effectively

Dental First Aid – How to Handle a Dental Emergency Effectively

A dental emergency can happen anytime. In such a case, emergency dental services must be availed. Contacting the dentists timely can help avoid irrepressible situations.

Dental emergencies may include accidents, dental injuries, tooth damage due to any reason, and so on… These conditions demand immediate attention. You should know how to take care of the dental discomfort at home as well. Doing this can improve the condition and also limit the chances of complications.

Know when to avail of dental emergency services?

Tooth sensitivity, bad breath, sore gums are some of the minor dental ailments and can be treated by the nearest dentists. On the other hand, the conditions below must be treated immediately as they require emergency care. Have a look:


Toothaches are overwhelming. You cannot eat, drink or sleep because of unbearable pain. In such a condition, you must contact the dentist immediately. The pain can cause by an infection or abscess. If the pain does not respond to pain killers, you can contact 24-hour emergency dentists. If you are unable to do it, follow the tips below:

  • Hold a cold compress against your mouth near the sore tooth.
  • Rinse your mouth with salt water to kill bacteria.
  • Use dental floss to remove food pieces near the sore tooth.
  • Apply an oral numbing gel to the affected tooth and the gums around it.

Avoid applying aspirin over the gums as it can irritate the gum tissue and make the situation worst.

Cracked tooth

If you have a broken or cracked tooth due to a sport or any other reason, contact the 24-hour emergency dentist services available. The soon you contact your dentist, the soon you get your tooth repaired. If you find any pieces of a chipped tooth, rinse with water, soak them in milk for some time and take them to the dentist. If pain is unbearable, you can have pain relievers, or applying a cold compress can also be beneficial. If there is bleeding, put gauze inside your mouth to control it.

Loss of damaged filling

If you have a chipped filling and do not experience intense pain, you can wait until seeking the treatment. If you lose the filling completely, place a sugar-free gum in the vacant space. If this seems comfortable enough, you can see the normal dentist to get the filling replaced within a few days. If the pain is unbearable, contact the 24-hour emergency dentists immediately.

Dental abscess

It is an infection that shows up around a tooth root. They can cause serious dental pain and can be dangerous. They can also spread into the jawbone if not treated timely. It is vital to contact the 24-hour emergency dentist if you have a mild fever or severe pain.

A dental abscess is treated with a root canal procedure. If the tooth is badly infected, an extraction can come up to be an affordable option.

Find an emergency dentist near you to get prompt emergency dental services

For getting quick emergency dental services, contact the nearest dental clinic as early as possible. It is not good to sit and wait as such emergencies can be dangerous if not treated on time. So, be vigilant and consult your dentist before its too late.